Types of Social Media Apps

People get absolutely obsessed with social media apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. But the market is full of opportunities for building a niche social networking platform using the cutting-edge technologies.

  1. Instant chats

  2. Business networking

  3. Niche social platforms

  4. Live-streaming platforms

Key Features of Social
Networking Apps

There are more than 3 billion active social media users worldwide. Though people are addicted only to the key social giant that exist on the market. Nevertheless, people tend to try something new and fall in love with the unique ones, just like it happened to Snapchat. If you have an idea unseen before, this could be your story too!

    • User profile
    • Feed
    • Instant chat
    • Push-notifications
    • Live-streaming
    • Photo and video editing
    • GPS integration
    • Content sharing
    • Local search
    • Advertising and analytics

How to Make a Social Media App

Development of a competitive social media app requires usage of the latest technologies and powerful tools to meet audience’s aspirations. Users expect seamless and unique experience alongside with brand-new ways to express themselves. Be prepared to provide them with the mentioned features when making a social media app.


While making a social network app from scratch, be prepared for the high traffic loads due to the rapid growth of active user base. Choose the powerful cloud services that can handle the ever-rising demand.

Smart search algorithm

Let your users search whatever content they need within your platform. Help them find other users, places, and filters to create new content.

Networking possibilities

Adding news feed, status updates and chats are crucial for user engagement. People are willing to express their feelings and interact with other users in a unique way. The immediate updates and feedback is what they are looking for.

Cutting-edge technologies

Implementing the latest tech such as live-streaming or augmented reality will bring users experience to a whole new level and make your app stand out. Consider adding filters, masks and other visual enhancements to create more vibrant content.


Develop 100% secure in-app communication to preserve confidence and prevent hacking.

Completed Projects

Time Will Tell

Mobile Messenger for iOS devices that locks photo or video messages into time capsules and sends them to future to be opened at the appointed date.

iMessage Integration

Time Encapsulation


Drophook was made to become the essential app for fishers providing all necessary tools starting from fish measures and ending with weather radars and navigational maps.



5 000 +



Location-based Social Mobile App that turns strangers to neighbors. Sparkle Chat simply transforms public space and lets users discover and chat with people nearby.



Every Day

new users

Surf & YOGA

Web platform connecting the rich community of surfers and yoga lovers and helping them in search of an instructor to practice yoga or surfing in list of destinations.


Users already love&follow

Nautic Nomad

Location-based travel app connecting the yacht lovers community and helping sea travelers to explore the new destinations and sailing spots.


active users

Integration with

Windfinder & Aerisweather

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