Most Popular Software Solutions for Logistics

As supply chains become more complex, logistics service providers require more advanced software to meet customer expectations. Development of a robust solution tailored to the unique needs of your business will allow you to enhance the quality of services and win the market

  1. Warehouse management system

    • Management of warehouse workflows
    • Order processing & inventory tracking
    • Storage space optimization
    • Integration with CRM & ERP
  2. Transportation management system

    • Planning and route optimization
    • Mode and carrier selection
    • Real-time shipment tracking
    • Automated documentation
  3. Freight management software

    • Order processing & quotations
    • Management of freight bid procurements
    • Real-time tracking of carriers
    • Generation of documents & reports

Top Innovative Features of Logistics Software

    • GPS vehicle tracking
    • AI-powered predictive analytics
    • VR/AR tools for cargo loading
    • Full-view tools & data visualization
    • Pick/put-to-light order fulfillment
    • Fuel consumption monitoring
    • Alerts on severe weather conditions
    • Automated delivery notifications

How to Build a Modern Logistics Solution

Fierce competition is one of the main challenges logistics companies face. That’s why if you want to outrun your rivals, you need to rethink the way your business works, not just automate the established processes.

Deciding to build a top-notch logistics solution may require higher initial investments at the beginning but they will definitely pay off over time.

Cutting-edge technologies

Nowadays, new technologies open the door to numerous opportunities for the business sector. Powering your logistics solution with machine learning algorithms, VR/AR, or the IoT will boost its performance and increase customer satisfaction.

Advanced security

News about data leaks and cyberattacks have become quite frequent in recent years. To protect your and your customers’ data, make sure that the logistics system you envisioned is secure and reliable.

Integration with other tools

Management of logistics operations is a complex activity that often covers a wide range of automated operations. For this reason, logistics software can only bring real value if it is integrated with other business solutions.

Completed Projects

Booking App

A web application that helps to reduce costs of empty runs by tracking shipment requests, monitoring a vehicle load level and identifying opportunities for adding loads at transit points. It also allows for placement of recurring orders as well as includes advanced route optimization features.


Development Hours

Tracker App

A crew management solution that helps to monitor the safety of crew members engaged in shipping cargo by sea. If something goes wrong, the app automatically sends notifications to a shipping company.


Development Hours

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