Types of Job boards

Talents are what each company is seeking for. Suitable candidates are not easy to find, especially in the narrowly specialized industries. But what about finding a perfect job? People often meet difficulties on their way to the ideal career. So, what can be done to improve such situation on the labor market? What are the solutions for those who need jobs and those who offer them?

  1. Niche job sites

  2. General job boards

  3. Networking platforms

Key Features of the Job Board Platforms

Recruitment is a tricky job to do. It takes a lot of talent and time to find the perfect candidate for the right positions. At the same time, hiring the proper people who will get along is the key to success. Build a job board that will help companies gather their own dream teams!

    • Easy job posting
    • Targeted job advertising based on skill sets
    • Email marketing (job alerts)
    • Easy navigation and look-a-like search
    • Smart filters
    • Easy on-boarding and application
    • Internal builder of branded microsites for companies
    • Advanced analytics for advertisers and recruiters
    • Anonymous CV-posting technology Social media sharing support
    • Job wishlists

How to Make a Perfect Networking Platform

It takes two to tango. That’s why any networking platform must be effective for both parts: recruiters and job seekers. But how to make your website make money?

In order to attract more employers and candidates, you need to create an engaged community. Providing user with high-quality content, the website can attract niche companies to post a job and specialist who are willing to find these jobs.

For Candidates:

Intuitive job search

Allow users to find jobs by applying smart filters. Add categories as well as the text search field with prompts and hot offers.

Easy registration and application process

You can allow visitors to browse through the jobs without registration or make it mandatory. For example, restrict visible vacancies to 5 and provide a full list of jobs only after sign up. Upon completing the registration you can launch retargeting to retain users.

Job wish list and email notifications

Add the possibility to save jobs or categories to favorites and subscribe to a newsletter to get notifications when new vacancies are posted.

For Recruiters:

Intuitive candidates search

Search the unlimited number of CVs at the same time, apply filters or use keywords in a text search field. Add a look-a-like search functionality

Premium accounts

Save time on routine communications with banks and keep focused on those cases that really matter.

Create branded microsites

Engage talents using personalized design for the company page. Match ideal jobs with perfect applicants on your job board!

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