Types of Educational

New technologies reshape the present and future of education. People are excited about the opportunity to explore any subject and share information without even having a need to leave their sofas. Develop an educational app and offer your tech solution to those who dream to teach or those who are thirsty for new knowledge.

  1. MOOC Platform

    • Allows anyone to enroll in massive open online courses
  2. Learning Management System

    • Allows anyone to enroll in massive open online courses
  3. Knowledge Sharing Platform

    • Provides access to a variety of off-the-shelf video and text courses
  4. Online Education Portal

    • Helps school teachers, students and parents share information and stay connected

Top Features
of Educational Applications

E-learning is skyrocketing in popularity day-by-day. Millions of people on the whole planet are searching for ways to become better versions of themselves by acquiring new knowledge and skills. Thrive in a fast-growing niche by creating the top-notch educational app

    • Advanced search functionality
    • Incorporation of AI methodologies
    • Customized user dashboards
    • Scheduling and goal-setting tools
    • Progress tracking
    • Tests and quizzes
    • Integration with professional social media and job boards
    • Peer forums
    • E-certificates
    • Integration with IoT (smart home, smart speakers, wearables etc)
    • Application of VR technologies

How To Make
an E-learning Application

People choose e-learning over traditional education for two reasons: it’s available at any time in any place and it offers not worse or even better quality of educational resources. By making learning process convenient, delightful and rewarding, websites can turn even the laziest students into lifelong learners.

Variety of course options

People have diverse interests. Grow your audience by providing students with the opportunity to choose what to learn from an extensive list of options.

Compelling design

While a high-quality content is essential, if you want to make your educational app stand out, it’s just not enough. Think about beautiful tech solutions-- they’ll not only be a delight to student's eyes but also show that you have a comprehensive vision of your brand.

Intuitive interface

We all want to feel cared. Not all of your students will be tech-savvies, so make your platform easy to use even for complete newbies in the virtual world.

Assessment tools

Learning is all about progress and results. Make it possible for students to complete tests and quizzes to check what they have learned.

Platform for communication

It’s much easier to overcome challenges when you’re not alone and learning is not an exception. Help your students build an online community by allowing them to share their concerns with peers and tutors.


Nowadays new technologies emerge almost on daily basis and people want to enjoy all the benefits they bring. To receive remarkable results and increasing student engagement, be sure to take advantage of VR, AI, IoT and other leading innovations when building your educational website.

Completed Projects

Aviation Study Guide

Educational and testing platform for Apache pilots and military aviation students with massive learning base and easy-to-use quiz functionality for memorizing covered material.



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Educational web platform giving the instructors the possibility to share their experience and gain money, and students to learn new skills together with understanding the future perspectives.


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to complete the level

Surf & YOGA

Web platform connecting the rich community of surfers and yoga lovers and helping them in search of an instructor to practice yoga or surfing in list of destinations.


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