Development of automated
trading systems

The capital market has always been extremely active. Increase your investment revenue by building a custom automated trading system specifically tailored to your trading strategy and risk tolerance, or develop a multi-functional app for investors and traders to earn money helping others make investments decisions.

Most Popular Types
of Trading Systems

Automated trading software has been constantly growing in popularity. Hence, it’s no wonder that reliable and high-performing trading applications are in huge demand nowadays. Create a handy app for trading and enter one of the most lucrative niches in the digital world.

    • Algorithmic trading systems
    • Software for technical analysis
    • Stock tracker apps
    • Portfolio management apps
    • Strategy building software

Key Features
of Trading Apps

Trading is not an exact science, it’s a quite complex and multifaceted activity often associated with many risks. Make investing simpler for both beginner traders and advanced investors by developing a trading system that will help them keep an eye on trading trends, minimize losses and never miss investment opportunities.

    • Customizable dashboards
    • Automated orders
    • Graphic visualization
    • Access to fundamental data
    • Tools for checking real-time quotes
    • Backtesting
    • Research capabilities
    • News feeds
    • Instant messaging
    • Portfolio management
    • Alert features
    • Technical indicators
    • Charting tools
    • Third-party library integration
    • Filtering and sorting tools
    • Tools for scanning and searching for opportunities
    • Trading calendar

How To Make
a Trading Application

Trading software exists to make money, so the high-end functionality is a must. Any app for trading must help traders make serene and confident decisions that will allow them to be successful in both--short-term and long-term perspectives. Build a trading system that fully satisfies traders’ needs and stay ahead of the competition.


Trading systems deal with money so it goes without saying that they should be secure. Help traders invest with confidence by implementing sophisticated encryption technologies in your trading software.

AI methodologies

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are not just a fleeting trend in the digital world. Take advantage of new technologies to make predictions more accurate, increase the speed of trading exponentially and add the real power to your trading system.

Easy-to-use interface

The common feature of any trading systems is the complex functionality and variety of components. Make the life of traders and investors easier by creating a user-friendly interface with on-demand elements.

Knowledge base

Not all traders are experienced traders. Implement a knowledge base with useful educational resources in your app and make it really convenient for beginners.

Global market coverage

The more markets a trading system covers the more broad audience it engages. Add cryptocurrency, e.g. Bitcoin, to the conventional assets like equities, futures, forex and derivatives and you’ll leave no chances to rivals.

Variety of management tools

The main reason why trading systems are so popular is that they allow for a better control of investments and risks. Enhance your web application with stop losses, profit targets and money management tools and let traders efficiently operate on the market.

Data collection and analysis

Information is the weapon in the investment world. Help traders become well-armed by adding advanced system that allows for generating analysis to your trading application.

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