Iot Applications

Internet of Things is an ever-evolving niche that has the potential to skyrocket in the nearest future. Create an increasing revenue stream by developing a smart IoT solution that will take connectivity to the new level

Types of Iot Solutions

IoT technology bridges the distance between devices, products, vehicles, people and assets. It gradually covers more and more aspects of our life - from automation of our homes to business process optimization. Succeed in the IoT arena by building a highly performing IoT application that will make users’ life easier or solve real problems companies face

  • Wearables
    Apps for Apple Watch, Wear OS smartwatch and other wearable devices
  • Smart home
    IoT solutions for the remote control of home appliances, lighting, heating, air conditioning etc.
  • Smart city
    IoT applications for traffic management, urban security, better control of the city infrastructure etc.
  • Manufacturing
    Smart solutions for the integration of business systems and better management of assets.
  • Smart healthcare
    IoT apps for smart medical devices and pharmaceutical industry.
  • Smart retail
    Applications for connected stores such as automated supermarkets.

Top Features of Iot Apps

All IoT apps are built for different purposes and have unique feature sets. But why are smart solutions so popular nowadays? The main reason is that they help people and businesses embrace the future by comprising the latest tech advancements.

  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Bluetooth integration
  • GPS functionality
  • Integration with third-party solutions
  • Implementation of AI technology
  • Advanced data analytics
  • Enhanced voice recognition
  • Body motion recognition
  • Integration with blockchain technology
  • Exploitation of cloud computing

How To Make
an IOT Application

Establishing smart environment is a complex process. Not only does it contain the coding part, but it also covers configuration of connections between gateways and IoT platforms. That’s why building the Internet of Things solutions requires taking a brand new approach to the app development.

  • UI design for multiple devices
    Screens of smart devices are not similar to the screens that computers and smartphones have. Users also interact with them differently. A UI design of an innovative IoT-based product should consider these specifics.
  • Body motion and voice recognition
    IoT devices are often controlled either by voice or by head, arm or other human body movements. So it’s essential for IoT application to include the functionality that can recognize such users’ commands.
  • Incorporation of machine learning
    Users love smart solutions not only because they are new and trendy. The most important benefit of IoT devices is that they save our time by adjusting to our habits and behavior. That’s why incorporation of machine learning technology is no longer optional, it’s a must-have for any IoT-based app.
  • High-performance platform
    Every smart solution needs a platform to connect different devices and operating systems. Hence, picking a secure and reliable digital platform should be the first step of any IoT app development process.
  • Advanced security
    A security vulnerability is one of the main concerns users of IoT solutions have. For this reason, when it comes to developing an application for the Internet of Things, ensuring that the data is properly encrypted is extremely important.
  • Scalability
    The Internet of Things is a technology that evolves and conquers the world tremendously fast. To remain in the spotlight and stay ahead of the competition, it’s essential to make your IoT app scalable. extremely important.

Completed Projects


IoT-based application that allows users to control ergomotion bases via their smartphones. Massage, head and foot articulations and other adjustments have never been that easy. With this app, they can be done with the touch of a single finger!

Available on iOS
and Android


Development Hours


A smart solution that helps its user never lose important items. A small tracking device may be attached to keys, wallets, remote controls and even pets, so you can always see their location on your smartphone screen


Development Hours

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