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The True Cost of Website Development

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  • Updated on May 14, 2020
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How much does it cost to create a website

Most of our clients admit that a perfectly build website can boost your business. It can help you improve customer retention and bring more deals through a simple and user-friendly interface.
The website is one of the most powerful marketing channels for all businesses out there. There is no doubt that you need a website, but what is the cost of developing a resource that meets your business needs.
The average cost to build a website is what everyone wants to know. But there is no average answer since websites differ greatly. Nevertheless, this request still remains the most frequent one, so we decided to explain how we estimate the cost of our services.
The first thing you need to know that nobody can tell you the precise cost of the project without understanding the idea and making a plan. If you send a request that is not very detailed to a development company and they give you the final price at once, you can be sure that it will never be the same in the end. Unfortunately, a lot of clients are vulnerable to a promise like that.
So, how to get a detailed estimation and not to waste your time and money?

  1. How much does it cost to design a website
  2. How do we estimate our web projects
  3. What are the risks of skipping the specifications stage

How much does it Cost to Create a Website

You might see advertising that promises you a website that will cost you $300-500. Yes, such prices exist but such websites don’t provide the expected results because they made by an amateur who read several articles about website development on builders and never heard about UI/UX design, SEO, etc.

Choosing a website developer you should consider did they dive into your project before presenting you with a commercial offer. The offer should include a detailed plan of website development and rates for each operation.

Do you want to have an efficient website? To get more information

Take into account the website that was made on the builder is good only for the start because it has limited functions and it is often slowly browsed especially the amount of your customers is growing. The builder gives you only the basic optimization but as we know a search engine optimized website lets you be in front of thousands of more potential consumers without spending much. Using SEO you’ll increase your website’s visibility and rankings so your services or products will reach a wider target audience. More reasons why you shouldn’t use a website builder here. Also think about your future website integration with internal systems like CRM, for example. It would be easier to do with a custom website.

Let’s start with the basics. The rough budget of the project can only be determined if you have the answers to the following questions:

  • What are the features of the website?
  • What are the deadlines?
  • How many team members will be involved?

Besides, it’s not a secret that the web development cost is also based on such factors as the geographical position of the development company. Hourly rates for web developers, designers, testers, and other team members vary in different countries. For instance, the highest rates are in the U.S. and UK, which is almost $100-200 per hour. The medium prices can be found in Europe – $50-100 on average. And the lowest prices are in countries like India, Pakistan and can reach $5-50 per hour. Since the U.S. based developers might be too expensive for some companies, they start to search for alternatives. But they shouldn’t be tempted by the low prices as they often involve poor quality.

Cost of a Basic Website

Web site expenses Average price per year, $
Domain name $2 to $15/year
Hosting $5 to $250
Maintenance $200 to $1,000
SSL certificates free to $50


Ukraine alongside other Eastern European countries is known to be the golden mean due to the price-quality ratio. We even have a dedicated blog post explaining the main advantages of Ukrainian developers. Briefly, the main benefits are suitable time-zone, strong skill set, affordable prices, and mentality.

how much does a website cost to make large

How do we Estimate our Web Projects

Our mission is to deliver projects with the goal of building long-term, trusting relationships. For that reason, we do all our best to provide our clients with the work done on time and within a set budget. In order to know for sure, how much would it cost to make a website each our clients gets an individual estimation.

To estimate the future project it is necessary to make a marketing research which will cover promising avenues, target audience and competitors. In the light of the information the specifications stage of development will be started which is obligatory for all our clients. But what is the specification you may ask?

Software specifications or simply specs is a document that describes the functions that a software must perform. It describes the interaction between the user and the software system and has to be transparent so the client can understand who is going to be involved in the process and how much would it cost.


If the user clicks on an OK button, the dialog window closed and the system redirects him to the home page.

 The specification process includes 4 stages:

  1. Business analyst figure out how the website should be developed according agreed purposes and all business processes that could be made on the website.
  2. User Interface and User Experience Design (UI/UX) creates a custom design that will be user-friendly and comfortable for use specifically by your customers. Template web design won’t respond exactly to your target audience and specific character of your business.
  3. System architect confirms the Technology Stack.
  4. System architect also prepares the Roadmap.

The purpose of the specification document is not only to describe how the system is going to work. It also allows the team to estimate how much time is required to develop the product. Depends on the project’s requirements and complexity the development of website can take from 2 till 12 months. After all our clients get the final estimate of the project. Afterward, the website development itself can be started.

Have an impressive idea of your website?


What are the Risks of skipping the Specifications Stage

We strongly recommend to never skip the pre-development stage for the set of reasons.

  1. Some important features and functions can be missed without noting them down.
  2. It’s impossible to estimate the exact cost of the project without understanding the scope of work.
  3. If you decide to add some features on the go, be prepared for the cost growth.
  4. It’s impossible to fit into the set deadlines without having a plan.

As a result, you don’t have a clear vision of the project and as well as any guarantees.

how much does creating a website cost

To Conclude

As you can see the costs of creating a website depends on many factors. Generally, the more information you provide at the very beginning, the less time it would take to complete the final estimation of the project.

The website cost is the combination of the size, complexity, design, and flexibility. Having decided to get your website done by the professional team you should rely on their expertise and work as a team to get the result that exceeds expectations.

Your website is the first that see your customer so creating a awesome website should be your top priority. If you seriously want to build an engaging website and boost your business, you need an experienced web development partner.

Want to know how much does it cost to create a website for your business?

Elena Elena is the business analyst passionate about everything connected with startups, business ideas, and analytics. She’s aiming to find the solution for every challenge, young companies meet on their way.

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Love this blog and the way all information is being conveyed. Covered almost all the things that needed to be defined about this topic.


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