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Point of Sale System for Cafes and Restaurants

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Retailers like all small business owners have limited time and limited resources. Investing in technology such as iPad based POS system for restaurants can help you manage inventory, workload, employees and improve your marketing.

While traditional old cash registers or PC-based Point of Sale system might have been good enough 5 or 10 years ago, today they just not good enough anymore. Traditional cash registers and pc-based system just don’t offer the flexibility and efficiency of iPad-based and Android-powered point of sale systems.

Here are few hints on why it’s important to invest in the POS system for iPad or Android-based app:

  • They don’t require technicians to come and repair it.
  • They have a much lower cost of investment.
  • Point of Sale apps can work remotely and can run on any device.
  • POS apps can have additional functions to help you manage marketing, customers and employees.

Nowadays, it’s the matter of fact that iPad and Android-based restaurant POS systems are essential for the grows of your business.

Restaurant Point of Sale System Functions

Restaurant Inventory Control App

If you run a small business you know exactly how time-consuming and expensive inventory management can be.Inventory lets you review the current status of the stock so you can restock ahead of time without losing any ingredient.

With this function you can account all the ingredients you have stocked in the fridge, track expiry date of each item, and have supplier contacts always at hand. You can then share your stock information with suppliers and schedule delivery based on where you’re now.

In addition, if you have multiple cafes you can create a separate account for each of them. This way you can track several locations at once or even create whole brunches of restaurants in the city.

Operations Notation

Educating new personnel can consume a lot of time. What if you could write down all kitchen processes, including recipes and routine tasks once and for all. This way can prepare new waiters in days instead of weeks.

On top of that, you can edit data and operation on the go. For example, you can change prices, manage discounts and your menu from any device in real time. This is what iPad POS flexibility really means.

Staff Management System

This feature allows you to schedule shifts of your personnel remotely and track their performance by correlating the number of orders and served dishes.

A typical POS system consists of the administration section, as well as waiters and bartenders workplaces. This function ensures that all business information is safe and secure from editing. No one except the restaurant owner can edit core operation and prices.


Generating reports help you make better business decisions. Report take raw data and turn it into actionable information so you can make better decisions for the growth of your business.

A primary must have function any POS system should help you with is profit/loss table that indicates your restaurant’s performance. It will show you what items are selling best and what have better profit margins.

While reporting is important it’s also important that you don’t get too much information that overwhelms you or that’s unnecessary in your decision-making. So, what are the few things that reports can help you decide on?

Maybe you need to know should you be open on Friday night. Or get a clear understanding of how many employees to have in your business on a Thursday morning. Plus, you will definitely appreciate the information on what items are profitable and what is not.

These are a few of the things that a good reporting system can help you make decisions on. In addition, using iPad based Point of Sale system you can access and generate reports from anywhere.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a POS System


iPad and cloud-based point-of-sale systems are much cheaper than traditional cash registers or PC-based systems because they are hardware agnostic. For example, we can develop cloud-based POS app with a web interface and it will run on any device from a browser window, thus lowering the costs for development and support.

Moreover, by developing your own POS software for iPad or Android you can later sell it as a SaaS solution and get monthly fees. Oftentimes you can even expect for setup fees from restaurant owners to get things started.

How to Create a POS System

Just imagine a traditional POs system you use in your everyday routine. Imagine if we could port it to your iPad or Android-powered device. The easiest way to make so is to develop a web based app that will be accessed through the internet browser like Safari or Google Chrome.

All data moves into the cloud. So does the POS system infrastructure.This is in fact another benefit of cloud-based restaurant POS app. Since the data is stored in the cloud it’s much cheaper for you to maintain it compared to having a server (or any PC) inside your cafe.

Of course, all cloud-based POS systems can work independently and store information on a local device in case of an Internet connection loss.

There are four things you need to consider before starting POS system development as a restaurant owner:

  • Know your future needs. Make sure to order point of sale system that can grow with your business. Forecast the number of franchises you’re going to open, or how many employees you’ll hire. This will help us to estimate a future load and a kind of client-server architecture we’ll need to design. This will also affect the maintenance costs.
  • Are you going to use a proprietary hardware or you need a multiplatform solution? The best case scenario is where you can access and replace the hardware with as little friction as possible. Depending on this choice we’ll pick a right set of technologies.
  • Will your POS system have additional functions like reporting, customer marketing, inventory, and employee management?
  • Are you going to sell it or integrate with external software services like MailChimp, SalesForce, or nay other? If so, you probably need to develop an API, so your product will be much more versatile in terms of connectivity.

Bottom Line

Using a modern POS app you can run your business from just about anywhere. You don’t have to be tied down and inside your business. You can monitor your staff, generate reports from a beach, from home, or from your car. Just choose the functions you need to automate your cafe business and head start the proejct!

Need a POS system for your restaurant chain?

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Tony Sol is the business development manager of GBKSOFT, overseeing the production of all writings for both internal blog and external platforms. He is technical-driven person always looking for new benefits of merging business and software.


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