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Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Technical Partner

The technological world changes before you know it. Implementing these modern technologies brings higher productivity, flexibility, and scalability to businesses of any industry. However, large companies often do not have enough employees and time to keep up with these rapid updates but they have to correspond to the market changes and improve their software systems....

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How to prevent legacy code from emerging?

As a  company develops and scales up its business operations, its code’s sophistication must follow. That is, the supporting technology must evolve in step with the growth of the organization to ensure that the sprawling company does not collapse under its own weight. But this is only in the ideal view of the developers. New...

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How to Develop an Audio Social Media App Like Clubhouse?

If I say that 2020 has turned everything upside down, you are unlikely to argue. The pandemic transformed much of the daily routine. People worldwide spent most of the year locked up and forced to run their businesses from home. Video conferences became the only way to conduct business meetings, and people had to change...

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How to Build a Successful Product: A Framework for Entrepreneurs

Starting the business from scratch can seem quite challenging. Considerations if your idea is brilliant enough if your revenue will be just the same as you imagine, if your solution is great enough to be competitive in the industry – we can continue to count hesitations forever. Unfortunately, far not all of these outstanding ideas...

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What Questions Should You Ask Before Hiring Web Developers? 

When the whole business world goes digital and uses technologies at an accelerated rate, every company without an in-house developers team needs to look for remote specialists to keep up with the digitalization trend. Only experienced professionals can perform a digital transformation, build necessary business intelligence tools and take your company to a whole new...

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