How to launch a project using cloud-based technologies and GitLab

Containerization and division into microservices are the most popular tendencies in today’s IT industry. The main purpose of these tendencies is to arrange a project or its functionally isolated part into a self-sufficient image that can be launched on different platforms and in necessary  quantities.  The container itself is so called “system within a system”…

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How Much Does It Cost To Make a Starbucks-like App?

Just image your restaurant is full of quest. Everyone enjoy the atmosphere and restaurant service, the staff running like clockwork. Sounds like a dream? Maybe, but to make it true the delicious food is not enough you should involve your customers and improve your service in different ways. More and more often people prefer contactless...

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How Not to Fail a Project From Client’s Side

Project development is a live complex process that needs involvement not only of a development team but a client as well. In order to deliver a good product, all parties should work as a single mechanism: dev team, management team and client. Though, the technical part is the core of the project functionality, even if...

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How the Construction Industry Can Benefit From Technology

While the project management practices have become so agile and advanced in their approaches that most of the industries have successfully applied those to save their costs and increase sales, the construction industry is still lacking the proper experience in it. Sometimes it seems that construction companies have simply accepted and let go of the...

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What do kiosks mode can offer to retail business?

Have you been in the market for a long period? Do you want to expand your business? Don’t know how to optimize the expenses? Read this article and you may find the answers to these questions. Retail used to deal with cash that made service slower, but mobility incredibly changed the industry for good. Over...

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How can software development add value to your business? 

Digitalization is a huge trend right now that defines and shapes many businesses. It is impossible to imagine a supply chain, restaurants, service providing companies, construction companies, and many other businesses without holistic software solutions and apps. The benefits of digitalization are obvious. It helps to optimize working processes within the company, reach out to...

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Facebook Marketplace

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The Pros and Cons of Facebook Marketplace & Shops (Update)

Facebook launches Marketplace and enters previously uncharted territory of local e-commerce. We’ve made a closer look to find some hints for those who are building social media apps.

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Minimum Viable Product (MVP) definition


Minimum Viable Product and Alternatives

Building an MVP is a widely known practice that helped many entrepreneurs to save a lot of money and time on early stages of startup development. But what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for the others. And definitely without a clear understanding of MVP purpose you can lose more than win.

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How to Organize Communication With Your Remote Team

Video conferencing gains popularity because it eliminates employee travel between sites for meetings. Also, it’s an income-generating tool for holding webinars and other online events. We saw tremendous growth in the telecommuting sector at the beginning of 2020 because working from home (WFH) as the best way to stay healthy and as one of the...

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Epics vs User Stories: the Key Difference and Examples

If you have ever developed any software or just plan to do this, you’ve probably heard the words “epic” and “user story”. There are also good chances that you’ve seen epics and user stories in a budget estimation received from IT outsourcing company, in case you’ve ever requested such. This is because both terms are...

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