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How to Develop a Question-and-Answer Platform like Quora?


How to Develop a Question-and-Answer Platform like Quora?

Q&A websites are not new to the internet, but they are getting more and more traction nowadays. Since the main goal of such platforms like Quora is to share knowledge, the need for such services will never expire. Nevertheless, staying on top is hard, even for such giant like Stuck Overflow, Amazon’s Askville, Answers.com, and Yahoo….

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conferences for entrepreneurs


Largest Tech Conferences for Startups and Entrepreneurs in 2018

If you’re a young entrepreneur who seeks funding for your Startup you probably should attend conferences, event, and shows where you can make connections and, maybe, find an investor. But, to be honest, events and conferences offer Startups and Entrepreneurs an amazing platform to turbocharge their businesses not only by getting money. At the beginning...

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looking for a front-end developer



UI and Design

Things to Know while looking for Front-end Developers

Front-end developers work for a variety of different companies. Today, you can find someone with that sort of responsibilities in pretty much every type of organization. But what makes front-end developer search special is a highly specialized skill set he/she needs to possess. In must be acknowledged that requirements for the front-end job position are...

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Why building Websites in WordPress is a bad idea?

WordPress is known to be the most frequently used CMS on the web. Nowadays, 28.5% of websites are built on this platform. But why is it so popular and is WordPress good? Originally, WordPress was built like a platform for blogging. In the very beginning, when you install WordPress, the basic function available to you...

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drone for agricultural use


Drone Mapping Software for Agriculture Development

The world’s population is projected to hit 9 billion people by the end of 2050. Naturally, the consumption of food will rise accordingly. Experts suggest a nearly 70% growth in demand for agricultural products and this is an optimistic forecast considering the overall shortage of cultivated areas and climate change. Such high demand is pushing...

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code review principles


Why does your Startup Tech-team Need a Code Review?

Not sure about the quality of code you’ve got from your freelance developer? Or it was for a while since you upgraded your app and you want another development team to make the work for you? Well, in any case, you’ll need to look under the hood or make a Code Review as it called...

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sport facilities rental

StartUp App Ideas

Startup App Idea: Rental of Sports Facilities

If you’re a sports person, who can’t live without activities, chances are you have rented a playfield once or twice over the past year. And statistics show that you’re not alone. 4 out of 10 people engage in additional technical training, skill development, and sports. Now, imagine a simple mobile app that would help these...

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How much does it cost to create a website


The True Cost of Website Development

Average cost to build a website is what everyone wants to know. But there is no average answer since websites differ greatly. Nevertheless, this request still remains the most frequent one, so we decided to explain how we estimate the cost of our services. The first thing you need to know that nobody can tell...

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big data in agtech


Big Data in AgTech: Water Consumption and Soil Nutrition Optimization

The population of the World is on track to go from 7.3 billion people to over 9.6 billion people by 2050. In addition, each person is going to consume about 30% more calories as we see the continued shift towards more diverse and protein-heavy diets. These two facts tell us that we’ll need to produce...

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How Do Free Apps Make Money

There are more than 4,5 million mobile apps available for download in Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store combined. At first glance, the spike in popularity of apps is far behind. Mobile app market seems to be oversaturated and most of the apps are free for download. But the truth be told the app market...

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