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Startup Ideas for Making an App Like FaceApp

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  • by Igor
  • Updated on July 22, 2019
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FaceApp has gone viral, again. Users all around the world upload their photos to see how they do they look like older. This is a fun thing to do or, at least, interesting. But, as usual, the use of photo recognition and neural networks can be applied not only to mess up your photos to laugh at with your friends. For example, recently released social media app Captured uses photo recognition to make thematic chat rooms based on what appears on a photo you upload. 

TOP Apps like Faceapp that make you look old

There are literally limitless possibilities to use photo recognition, starting from giving you a ticket for driving too fast and ending with, well, seeing the older version of yourself. Check out a few ideas you can use to make your own app like FaceApp.    

Inventory Management

You can use an app with photo recognition functionality to apply it in your business, providing your business depends on storage of goods and commodities. With your own app that uses photo recognition it will be easier to track and list your items. 

Alternative Ways to use iOS Facial Recognition Technology


Of course, photo recognition is most interesting when applied to human faces, though the above mentioned Captured mixed photo recognition of everything with social media angle, categorizing their chat rooms by the photos that users upload. You can create your own social media app that, for example, tells you what mood a person on a photo is or this person’s age. The possibilities here are only limited by your imagination, which is why, unfortunately, such things as deepnudes occur. 

Facial Recognition and Augmented Reality in Plastic Surgery Apps

Buying Stuff You’d Like to Try Beforehand

Imagine yourself searching through online marketplace, looking for something to buy like new glasses or a shirt. Why not make an app that helps you pick a perfect hat without ever wearing it in the first place? The app will consider the shape of your head and facial features to help you make the best choice. There’s already such an app for seeing how your new shoes are going to look on you. 

Facial and other photo recognition apps are in high demand now. This niche is not yet occupied, so your app has real chances for success. It can be quite useful for entertainment purposes just as it is for enhancing a buying process or doing business. As you can see, the application of photo recognition goes way beyond an app that makes you look old. 

Want build own an app like FaceApp?

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Igor is a content manager at GBKSOFT who strongly believes in the amazing possibilities of IT renaissance. He is personally interested in how high tech can benefit business and improve marketing to make internet great again

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