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How to Create the Smart Farmers App

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  • Updated on June 30, 2020
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How to Create the Smart Farmers App

Mankind has been practicing agriculture for thousands of years. It has been slightly developing in the early ages, but we can also state the rapid growth in the last 200 years. People have added numerous technologies to improve the farming process and make it more efficient. Now, mankind has an incredible opportunity to implement artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in agriculture.

Unfortunately, it raises a series of problems. The first problem is that most farmers don’t understand how to use this technology in a cost-effective way. Another problem is that farmers resist adopting the new technologies as they don’t understand the value they can get. Many of them prefer to work the old-fashioned way instead of applying AI or another tech. Partly because those technologies are maintenance-free and need side help, which is pricey.

But the world needs more food to be produced as the population on Earth is growing too fast. By the year 2050, we’ll need to produce 70% more food products than we do now. Therefore, farmers and agricultural companies must turn to using AI, IoT, and predictive analytics in order to increase the production capabilities.

Have you already considered development of a smart solution for farming industry needs?

How to implement AI, IoT and another tech in farming industry?

Since the farming industry is on the cusp of the technological revolution, many companies wonder how to implement AI in this sector. Farmers already use drones and robots, so AI is surely the next step. And, to tell the truth, there are multiple methods of using this cutting-edge technology in agricultural business. That’s when the era of smart agriculture begins. 

Here are six hot ideas for agtech startups and farmer apps:

#1 Predictive analytics

By using artificial intelligence and big data agriculture companies and farmers can predict the price changes and sell their products on a particular date when the rates are above average. Having the meaningful data on their disposal, these companies can make reasonable decisions. This is also true when it comes to buying nutrients for crops.

how to develop smart agricultural app

#2 Monitor the crop condition

Having the large fields of plants constrains constant monitoring of crops’ conditions. Thus it requires implementation of new technologies. There are two ways: drones and smart sensors. Drones can be sent to fly over the field to provide mapping and visually review the plant population. But they can not define such conditions like water stress, soil moisture content and nutrient condition, which can be easily gathered by smart sensors, left in the soil. A simple agriculture app can track those parameters and notify farmer if the nutrition balance is broken.

#3 Automated irrigation systems

Irrigating is an essential part of the farming process and it can be quite costly depending on the region and the amount of water resources. Therefore, weather condition is a crucial thing that needs to be taking into account when planning the irrigation. With the help of modern technologies, farmers can schedule the process depending on the weather forecast.

Want to take good care about your crops in a smart way? Then you need a reliable solution that we can develop!

#4 AI-powered tools for learning animals behavior

smart farming app

But farming is not only about planting, don’t forget about cattle. For example, taking care and nurturing cows is not that easy. It requires a lot of knowledge and planning. Now farmers can easily track cattle behavior, and learn patterns using wearable sensors combined with AI. IoT sensors can be used for livestock monitoring.

For example, the detection of sick animals would allow farmers to pull the sick ones from the herd as soon as possible to prevent the spread of disease.

Such tools allow to collect and analyze data and generate insights, helping make relevant decisions and to run a more efficient farm.

The live example of agtech startup, who attracted $1.8 millions of investments is IDA- intelligent assistant for dairy farmers. This Netherlands-based AI-powered app provides farmers with insights and recommendations to improve the animals welfare and the business productivity.  The IDA’s developers – Connecterra, have chosen the technology stack of C#, AWS for database and Java with the Node.JS framework. When developing the web application for your farm you can choose the technologies from this list.

Are you interested in building a solution for nurturing animals?

#5 Drones for mapping and delivery

Huge fields are difficult to look after and require a lot of time to control what’s going on in remote areas. Drones allow monitoring the whole territory and deliver small things to distant locations. You can also use them to deliver fertilizers and pesticides around the field. Moreover, it’s possible to customize the treatment for each plant based on its requirements. 

One more way of using drones in agriculture is monitoring the plant count and height, movement of animals across the huge areas. You can find more information about agricultural drones in a dedicated article.

#6 Self-driving tractors

While everyone is buzzing about driverless taxis, agricultural sector can also use this technology. Therefore, self-driving tractors might soon appear on the market. The familiar machines, combined with such technologies as sensors, GPS, radars, and cameras might turn into the autonomous robots. Owning such tech reduces the labor expenses as well as increases the efficient working hours as machines don’t need to rest.

Yes, the main goal of all technology solutions is to make farming easier and help improve crop productivity. Right app can help you unload your employees, monitor key indicators related to animals nurturing and crop cultivation, control water and fertilizer usage, automate some key procsses, and reduce farming impact on environment.
The development period may take 3-6 month depending on the feature set, app complexity, technology stack and platforms for which you are going to develop your app. For example, Android app development takes longer than iOS one.
An IoT based PoC development for smart farming with a basic set of features will cost you $15,000-$65,000. It may include web admin panel and mobile apps for iOS and Android.


With the rapid growth of population on Earth, enhancing the agricultural process is the integral component of our survival. Drones, Intenet of things, artificial intelligence, sensors and other tech are the possible ways to increase the efficiency of farming without expansion of the territory, available for planting. Unfortunately, we possess the limited resources and many of them might disappear in the coming years. Hence, we need to use them in a most efficient way and create new ones instead of destroying our planet.

Have a planet-saving idea? Let's develop it together!

Anna - Technology Author and Strategist I am mainly focused on enterprise mobility (Apple, Android), and digital transformation, highly curious about all emerging tech trends, always pay close attention to crucial details and try to find answers to a lot of questions before writing about something.

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