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How to Find and Hire a Dedicated Development Team?

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  • July 19, 2021
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Every year we observe how more and more business owners decide to initiate digital transformation. It’s no wonder because mobile and web applications have become an inseparable part of our lives and they help to boost various businesses. A lot of common routine tasks can be delegated to applications. Thanks to web and mobile solutions companies of different sizes can optimize numerous processes starting with employee hiring, training and management and ending with better documentation control, automation of accounting, improvement of order processing and management. 

Every business nowadays needs a certain app able to fit its needs perfectly. Software development can turn your business to a whole new level and grant you a huge competitive advantage. Therefore if you’ve decided to go digital it is important to choose the right and dedicated development team. Taking into account the variety of vendors (freelancers, in-house teams, off-shore developers) it is crucial to understand who actually can do the best job for an optimal price\quality ratio. So, without further ado, let’s proceed to the main details that can help you make the right choice. 

Is it really necessary to look for a Development Team? 

Based on our experience we can say that cooperating with the development team is the best option if you want to get a well-functioning solution built using the latest technologies and relevant to your company needs. 

Delegating software development to the professional team can save you a lot of time and money. Chances are that the development company already has experience in building solutions similar to yours and will be able to offer you the most suitable feature set, monetization option, etc. Moreover you will not need to perform numerous interviews and spend time on looking through CVs which is necessary if you are gathering your own team or hiring a freelancer. 

On top of that a dedicated development team offers full spectrum of services like:

  • Consultation with Business Analyst to identify ways how the solution can boost your business and resolve your specific pain points. 
  • Marketing research aimed to discover your main competitors and find a way to stand out from them. 

Speaking about your own development team or freelancers we can say that they will not be able to provide deep research of your business challenges and needs. They will listen to your point of view and advice and will develop an app that you’ll ask. However, a fresh look from the side can help you identify some crucial issues you may not have noticed, or find a solution better addressing your particular pain points. Yes, you know your business from inside, but you are only considering digital transformation, so you may simply not know what approach is better and what your app should actually do and what processes it can automate or optimize. 

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  • Design services so that your solution can highlight your brand uniqueness, have visually appealing user interface and ensure smooth user experience.
  • Services of developers and testers of a huge expertise who can write high quality code and perform thorough code control.

If you are gathering your own team there can be a challenge to find and hire specialists who have necessary tech knowledge and skills. As to freelancers, they can have some troubles with clean code because usually they do code review by themselves and cannot identify the mistakes and issues and fix them timely. We even had several clients who came to us with the solution created either by a freelancer or by an inexperienced developer and those clients wanted us to fix their apps. But unfortunately it was easier to develop a new solution from scratch than rewrite bad quality code. So by choosing freelancers you may end up paying even more than you’ve expected to invest in your digital solution. 

  • Project management specialists who know how to organize the working process, use Scrum methodology and always make sure that the releases are performed timely. 

Some business owners do not have their own team of technical specialists or have only a CTO and project manager. So if you are one of those and you are hiring a dedicated team of developers you may not necessarily ask for services of their project manager. All processes can be controlled by a person from your team. Usually the development team is easy to communicate with so there would not be a problem to make them work under your management. 

Basically there are two possible scenarios that can push you to looking for dedicated developers. 

  1. As we have already mentioned you can have your own in-house team with a limited number of specialists (in this case you need to hire people to fill the gap in some technology knowledge your specialists may lack). 
  2. The second scenario is when you do not have any tech takes at all or only have a CTO or PM and need to find a team to build your solution from scratch. 

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Each of those scenarios implies that you definitely need assistance from professional developers. So the most important questions awaiting for you in the process of looking for the right team would be:

  • Where to find a dedicated development team? 
  • What concerns should I pay attention to? 
  • What hourly rates are acceptable? 

We can help you to find the answers to all those questions. So let’s get started right away!

#1 – Where to find a dedicated development team? 

In case with freelancers many business owners tend to look for them on various platforms like Upwork, then compare skill sets, reviews and choose the most suitable person. But what to do if you are searching for a whole team? How can you know that the one you’ve found is the right choice for your project? 

We would recommend you to make a full research and comparison of teams. So first of all you will need to visit one of the websites providing ratings and info about software development companies. You can check out Clutchor any other platform of a kind.  There you will be able to compare numerous companies from all over the world and discover the following details:

  • Company location (we would recommend you to consider choosing the teams from Europe because their members are easier to communicate with);
  • Company size (you should not be afraid to work with companies of medium (20-50 members) and large sizes of 100+ members because they tend to be well organized and can provide you with more relevant specialists);
  • Average hourly rate (don’t choose the companies with the lowest rates from India or Malaysia because their price might compromise the quality of your future project);
  • Services focus (you can choose a team that is more mobile or web development oriented to get better results in a short period of time);
  • Minimum size project (this will help you to choose the company which is ready to work with your budget you are planning to spend on software development);
  • Company contacts (you will get a company email and official website address, and this is very convenient because you will not have to Google the developers and waste your time on additional search).
Best Practice
When you are looking for a reliable dedicated development team, always check their company website. You can discover a lot of crucial information there. Pay special attention to the company’s portfolio, projects they’ve been working with and their complexity. Don’t forget to check out how many years the company is in business, read their story. And of course take a look at the reviews from their real clients to unravel the powerful and weak points of the company you are going to cooperate with.


#2 – Some concerns that you may have 

When choosing the development team and thinking about entrusting them with your app idea, some concerns may appear in your head. And that is totally normal because you are starting something new with the people you’ve never worked before. You may have a lot of doubts and fears. We have contemplated on this topic and collected the most common concerns all business owners have at some point when they are initiating the development. So here they are:

Idea safety. You may need to build a unique solution and of course you do not want any info about it to leak and get stolen. That is why it is important to sign NDA with your vendor. However if you choose freelancers instead of development companies you may have some issues with your project confidentiality. And with a software development team you have guarantees that your idea and solution will be protected. 

Communication. Whether you have your in-house team or not you will need to communicate with the software developers that you’ve hired, so it is preferable to make sure that there will not be any issues in this area. That is why it is better to choose the developers from the USA or Europe. Their team members  can easily speak and write in English unlike the developers from India. 

Communication is crucial because in case of misunderstandings or inconsistencies your project development may take longer or lack something important. But please pay attention that hourly rates of the USA developers are much higher than the ones of the European specialists. 

Certainty and team control. In our company we had clients who came to us after working with freelancers who started developing their project but then disappeared. They stopped returning calls, replying to emails and the development was over. This is an awful experience you as a business owner can have, but if you choose to work with the team you will not face such unpleasant issues and consequences. The team signs an agreement with you so you can be sure that the job will be done from the beginning till the end and no one will disappear leaving your code half-written. 

Proofs of expertise. If you do not have any technical background it may be extremely difficult to identify whether a freelancer is really experienced or he is just talking about skills he does not even have. In case with the development team, you will be able to check the expertise of each specialist thanks to tech interviews. Here in GBKSOFT we assign projects to the tech takes who can really do that job. We select the developers with the exact skill set your project requires. 

CTO functions. We are aware that hiring a CTO for your company can be quite expensive and challenging (because you cannot really assess the professional skills), and in case you are a startupper you may even consider working without any CTO at all. We have covered this topic more detailed in one of our previous articles. If you are interested, take a look at it here. So in case you need a CTO you can get their services only if you are hiring a dedicated development team. They can select the right specialist who will supervise your project and will be involved in issues management. 

#3 – Some pricing matters to consider 

Let’s start with the hourly rates since the price you are going to pay for your solution will depend on them. In different countries the specialists from the development sphere charge different prices per hour for their services. 

F.e. in the USA you will pay up to $150 for a senior developer, around $130 for middle and $105 for junior. The prices seem too high, if you compare them with European rates which are: up to $60 for senior, $35 for middle and $25 for junior developer. These prices can differ, we are only providing the average figures. If we speak about the most affordable developers, then of course that would be Asian specialists. They take $30 for seniors, $24 for middle and $15 for junior developer’s hour. 

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However, you should not be too tempted to hire Asian developers at once. Just think about all communication matters that can appear. Moreover the quality of code can be way lower than you’ve expected and chances are – you will have to hire another team from Europe to review that code and rewrite it. On top of that, most Asian companies lack the discovery stage. They do not spend so much time as European developers on researching the market and offering alternative solutions for your pain points. So in this case when choosing between the USA, Europe and Asia, it is preferable to choose the golden mean that is European development companies. They offer high quality services and a full development cycle at affordable prices. 

There are also several pricing models you should consider before hiring a team. We have written a detailed article dedicated to this topic and you can check it out here. The choice of pricing model will depend on your project size and needs. So the article we’ve linked can help you make the right decision. 


Digitalization is a huge trend right now and chances are that your competitors are already using their own solutions. If you are only deciding whether you need to initiate the development or not, you’d better say “yes” to digital transformation. This will require some investments, time and efforts but if you choose the right development team, you will get your solution fast and gain a huge competitive advantage. But before making a choice consider all factors we’ve described in this article and select really reliable and dedicated partners from software development sphere. 

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