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Criterias to Hire Web Development Company for your Project

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  • September 06, 2021
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In the world of internet, finding web developers seems to be a simple task. There are thousands of web development agencies, companies, and freelancers that develop websites. But when you start searching for a perfect team or standalone programmers, you realize that it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. The choice is so wide that making a decision becomes a real problem. 

So, where to start?

We will share with you some useful tips and crucial criteria that will help you select a perfect team for your project. Ready to delve into this topic? Then let’s get started!

  1. How to find a perfect developer or a team for your project?
  2. Market research platforms
  3. In-house team
  4. Business partner/web developer
  5. Outsourced web development
  6. Criterias to hire web development team
  7. Portfolio
  8. Reviews and references
  9. Pricing

How to find a web developer or a team for your project?

It’s better to start with answers to questions. Do you need a web developer or a dedicated web development team? What about your project size? Do you want to add a contact form on your landing page or develop a sophisticated cloud-based web service? As you can see, there are a lot of questions to answer and options to choose from.

There are a few ways to find a website developer:

  • Hire an in-house developer or a team.
  • Involve a web developer who will be your business partner.
  • Outsource the whole project.

Depending on the answers, you will get a rough description of the project so that you can choose a specialist or a team, based on your needs. In this article, you will find a step-by-step guide on how to find a web developer for your project and get it done without going over budget.

Market research platforms

Talking about hiring web developers, we need to say that there are trustworthy resources that will make the search much easier. Modern enterprises are data-driven so data catalogs are important for creating a management strategy. Moreover, they help to find, understand, and trust companies. Let’s browse a short list of them:

GoodFirms is a platform that connects businesses with service providers and lets them find a variety of solutions. It helps companies to find and promote software services and products by saving their time and providing a range of advantages. Companies have an opportunity to find a right business associate according to categories, verified reviews, and the type of services companies offer.

For example, GBKSOFTs rate on GoodFirms is 5 and we are proud to be among the best companies. We also have 16 reviews from our satisfied clients that prove our professionalism and client-oriented approach.

Clutch is an IT market research platform where you can easily check the rate of a company, its size, average hourly rate, company’s focus. It combines data-driven content, verified reviews and leaders matrix. It’s a great time saver. You can check our company’s profile there. GBKSOFT’s rate on Clutch is 4.9 based on 33 reviews of our grateful clients.

Awwwards is a platform that recognizes and promotes the talent and effort of the best developers, designers, and web agencies from all over the world. This catalogue is used for the design evaluation and GBKSOFT has 14 projects and 5 honorable mentions there.

Identify your business challenges

Even if you have found several suitable teams on special platforms, you still need to think about your project before starting cooperation with developers. All web development projects are different, and without knowing your project size and goals, it is hard to give you a clear guidance on which web developers will suit your project the best. But here are some things to consider:

  1. A simple web project includes building a simple website, or integrating additional features to the existing one. These features might be a contact form, a CTA button, a new template design, a subscription button, and so on. 
  2. Medium web projects include the development of static or dynamic web apps, online stores, and other services that require integration of third-party services such as CRM, CMS, databases, chatbots, and others. 
  3. Large-sized web projects such as social networks require not only a bunch of sophisticated technologies but also integration with cloud hosting servers to store all their user data. 

At this stage, you also need to define your specific business challenges, the reason you need to find a web developer. Our experience shows that customers are looking for a web developer in such cases:

types of projects

  • Building a project from scratch. The main goal for start-ups is to enter their niche as soon as possible, so they need to hire web development company to save time and money. At the same time, existing businesses that want to automate some business processes may choose between an in-house or a dedicated web development team. 
  • Extending your in-house team with an extra specialist to help you with an ongoing project. In this case, you can choose between hiring a freelancer or outsourcing a developer through a web development agency for some particular period.  
  • You want to use technology which nobody in your in-house development team has experience with. Unless you want to wait for your developers to learn it, you can find a web developer by using the services of an outsourcing agency that already knows the needed technology. 

At GBKSOFT, our team of experts strive to optimize your project by offering a research and discovery stage. It is a pre-development activity that includes gathering of information and holistic research. We offer a consultation with our business analyst who helps to define business goals and choose the best solution for your project. So as a result, the client receives correctly defined project requirements, specifications, and design concepts. 

Let’s look how it works at GBKSOFT



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business challenges


In-house team.

Building a new product is usually associated with having an in-house team with professional competencies that can cover all major problems and risks that startups usually face at the early stages. It’s tempting to hire a web development company with a number of dedicated engineers in it, but there are a few aspects to consider before doing so.


  • Full control over teamwork.
  • A fully dedicated team that knows your project.


  • An in-house team is costly, you need to pay not only high salaries but also taxes and insurance.
  • Employing a cohesive team might take a long time, for example, in the US an average hiring process takes about 23.8 days.
  • If the project is not very big, there is no sense to hire web development company full-time. At the same time, temporary employees rarely meet expectations.
  • These are monthly expenses that you have to pay – such as medical insurance, tax, and social security coverage, as well as internal administration overhead – to keep the business running.
  • Instead of spending too much time managing the development process, a business should be able to focus on its primary expertise.

Mind that a new venture burns your budget much sooner than it gets a solid team and a ready-to-market product.


Mind that a new venture start spends money much sooner than it gets a solid team and a ready-to-market product.

Business partner/web developer

To find a web developer who becomes a trustworthy partner isn’t always easy, and you have to be sure that even if you lack some knowledge in some business domains, your partner’s team will be ready to fill in the gaps anytime and help you achieve your goals successfully. Don’t be afraid to work with a team that knows much more than you! This might open new doors and perspectives in the development process.


  • The partner focuses on a long-term relationship with a client because the success of a customer will make the partner eminent as well. They have a high level of engagement in your project. Partners can challenge your ideas and stand their ground while suggesting solutions to your problem. Although they know when to back off! 
  • A partnership might require you to give them access to your data. Sometimes this can be scary but no tech partner can come up with a strategy or improve a business unless they have full access to that data.


  • They may have several products from different companies, and your product won’t be their only priority. 
  • The development may turn out quite costly.
  • It may be hard to estimate the technical background of your partner.

At GBKSOFT, we have a transparent process of cooperation. Due to proficiency of our project manager (PM), our clients always know what type of work is in progress and at what stage will be done; which artefacts are ready for release. A PM also provides for regular project reports.

Thanks to our business analysts (BA), the process of work is clear, accurate, and smooth. BA offers the most effective solutions in case any problem appears. So clients can follow the process of work, they always know where they are with the project and can be sure that everything is going according to the plan.


Outsourced web development

The web development dedicated team is responsible for the project management and choices they make related to specific technologies. In this case, all responsibilities are on the web development team. But as for controlling the project roadmap, you can do it yourself or delegate decision making to your dedicated web development team. The successful outcome of a project is fully the responsibility of the project managers.  

This is the best solution for those who need to develop a website or a mobile app for a reasonable price while meeting the project’s deadlines.


  • Dedicated team works full-time on client’s project(s)  as a company’s remote IT department.
  • You don’t have to spend the resources and search for professionals and deal with other issues associated with employment relations (training, office expenses, etc.).
  • You can involve or dismiss developers with certain skills as you see fit.
  • You make a monthly payment that depends on the amount of work completed and the level of developers engaged.
  • You share risks with the development company you hire.


  • Account for time zone differences.
  • You have less control over the project compared to using full-time employees.

Now it should be clearer to you what the opportunities for web development are. But choosing the desirable way of partnership is only the first stage. So, let’s move on!

Criterias to hire web development team?

To choose the right team for your project, you need to use an integrated approach. So you should pay attention to:

Ask your potential partner if you can talk to some of their previous clients. Check the following information: an analysis of the market and your main competitors, project view, etc.

Deadlines upon which they promise to execute the tasks which have been previously agreed with the customer.

A vendor estimation price shouldn’t differ from the average price on the market. If the price is lower by 20-30% than the average rate, in future, they will find how to catch up on the price.

The average hourly rate won’t help you understand the final costs of the development project because an expert team may have higher rates but they will do their job faster than an aspiring team with lower rates. 

For example, at GBKSOFT, we focus on several domains and can be sure that we have enough expertise and experience to be a guide in the following areas: web and mobile applications for business, social networks, Fintech, Saas, healthcare, marketing, travel and booking portals, Internet of Things, educational websites, etc.

GBKSOFT is a custom software development partner with innovative technologies that bring the digital transformation benefits to your business. Our team has experience in web and mobile app development in a wide range of business niches by bringing such services as development of MVP, discovery stage, dedicated Team, business digitalization, design and consulting. Our expertise lies in cloud solutions, embedded software, Machine Learning & AI, DevOps and BI & Data Science.

No matter which criteria you choose to use, the crucial indicators of a reliable team are always the same. And here they are:


By choosing a partner, the first thing to look at is surely the portfolio. Portfolio helps to understand what industries the company works with and what experience it has. Browsing through their cases, pay attention not only to design but also to the technologies used, business goals of the project (if mentioned), and all the additional information available. Your task is to understand whether the team has the relevant expertise to complete your own project.

At GBKSOFT, we have more than 200 clients over 10 years of work, 700 projects successfully completed by our software engineers. We develop web and mobile apps for different business industries and there are many outstanding cases in our portfolio. Here are our cases we take pride in:

  1. CTRL Golf is an IoT-powered mobile app that helps players to play golf or to improve golf playing skills. It was developed on the idea of training statistics. 
  2. INCINQ is a multifunctional blind date app with a big range of features; it was developed with the help of php7 technology. 
  3. HDR Print is an app for a printing company that allows to manage orders and optimize order placements. It offers a very useful calculator widget that improves the overall customer experience on the website.
  4. ZempCenter is a sales mobile app that was developed for the business intelligence industry; it helps to structure the processes of sales reports. 
  5. Leo is a complex construction management system that helps employees to manage a full flow of stone production.

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Reviews and references

Check out whether the web development team has positive reviews. Satisfied clients and their reviews are proof of a company’s expertise. At GBKSOFT, we have 97% of satisfied clients. There are reliable sources where it is easy to check a real company’s rate (we mentioned them at the beginning of the article). Such platforms as Clutch, for example, even have moderation and client interviews they conduct, so the reviews here are trustworthy.


And finally, it’s always about the money, right?

The cost of web development varies depending on the region and the level of expertise.

Generally, web developers from the U.S. and UK charge about $100-200 per hour. India-based developers have the lowest hourly rates which are less than $25/hour but their quality is uncertain. The Eastern and Northern Europe specialists are known to be the golden mean, as the hourly rates are about $25-50 while the level of expertise is rather high.

In case you were interested in the average hourly rates of specialists at GBKSOFT, here they are:

Back-end developer $25 – $30
Front-end developer $21
Project manager $25
Business Analyst $30
QA specialist $22-$25
Designer $32
DevOps $33

Bottom line

In this article, we explained the difference between outsourcing and in-house software development. The first one should not be associated with low-profile deliverables and last-resort decisions. Many well-known tech companies have delegated some parts of their work to other teams, and the results have been incredible.

If you know you’re not going to build an in-house team, be very careful when signing a contract with a vendor. Discuss how much responsibility you want your service provider to assume so that you can be sure that no part of the required solution will be missing or malfunctioning. But having determined the strategy and narrowed it down, it’s much easier to find a web developer for your project who will totally meet your expectations.

Ready to start your app development with our dedicated team?

Here is a checklist:
– company’s experience
– reviews and references
– company’s portfolio cases
– how the pricing is made
– what core services company offers
– how accessible is the website going to be
Our team of skilled experts includes business analysts, project managers, frontend and backend developers, designers, and the QA specialists. We provide full involvement and dedication right from the start of the project. With our list of awards, client reviews, and experience we gained from accomplished projects, you can be sure about the high performance, quality and reliability choosing GBKSOFT as your web development partner.
Among the trendy technologies are Artificial Intelligence, motion UI design, JavaScript, progressive web applications and single-page applications


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