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Why Businesses Search Nearshore Software Companies

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  • Updated on June 05, 2020
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Why business search software companies “near me”

There are multiple reasons why companies might require software development services. Some need to implement new technologies but don’t have an experienced in-house team. Others realize that they need to build a mobile app. Some just want to start a new business and don’t even have a website yet.

No matter what is the reason, each company has its own approach to hiring software developers. You can hire the in-house team, find freelancers to complete the project, or, outsource the development.

What is outsourcing? Generally, outsourcing includes both domestic and foreign contracting as well as offshoring. By the way, offshoring means relocating some business functions to a company in a distant country.

What’s the difference between outsourcing and hiring an in-house team? In-house software development can be troublesome as you need to hire professionals. But as we know the recruiting process can be rather long lasting and costly. And don’t forget about such expenses as office rent, taxes, compatible salaries, and other stuff. Unfortunately, not all the companies can afford it, but to tell the truth, not all of them need an in-house team. For instance, a lot of famous startups outsourced development on the early stages before hiring the in-house team. The best examples are Slack, Skype, Basecamp, and Github.

  1. Top reasons why companies still hesitate to outsource software development
  2. Communication and support
  3. Trustworthy company Near me
  4. Security
  5. Cost

Top Reasons why Companies still hesitate to Outsource Software Development

Though outsourcing has lots of advantages, many companies still hesitate to outsource their projects. However, experts state that the fear of outsourcing software development among business founders and investors is holding them back.

So, let’s see what are the most common concerns about outsourcing and offshoring and decide whether they are reality or myth.

Communication and Support

Having an in-house team seems to be more comfortable for many business owners as they have more control. When you have employees by your side, it’s possible to check their work any time you want. Recognize yourself? Well, to tell the truth, trusting your team is the best you can do to create an atmosphere leading to efficient work.

One more thing that’s bothering founders is the time-zone difference. How to build the communication process in a most efficient way? And what about language and mentality differences?

How we are busting these prejudices:

  • Our company office is located in Ukraine, hence, we have the suitable time-zone, that is only one or two hours ahead of Europe. We also have intersecting hours with the U.S. and Australia that makes it easy to plan the schedule.
  • All of our projects are coordinated by project managers. Not only they control the development process, but also prepare the reports so you can always be aware what’s happening on the project, how many hours are spent, how many tasks are completed and who is responsible for each task. Transparency is our main approach.
  • Ukrainians are known to be a tech-savvy nation from One side and client-oriented from Another one. We are always trying to think from the client’s perspective to reach the best results.

development company near you by chart

Trustworthy company

The second reason why many companies prefer to search for development partners nearby is because it’s easier to check the credibility of a company by visiting its office. But know what? You can visit our office as well. All our developers are working in-house, so you can meet the team in person.

One more way how we can prove our credibility is having genuine reviews from our clients. You can find some of them on Clutch following the link. The main advantage of the mentioned platform is that they call each client to interview about the project, so you can be 100% sure about each review.


We are recognized as a top Software Development Company on Clutch and Yelp.

And the last prove is our portfolio. Not only you can take a look on web and mobile app we completed, but also find out whether we have and expertise in the industry you are working in.

Security and Transparency

Distance is what makes people feel unsafe when it comes to software development. How to protect your idea? What to do with the personal data of your users?

Transparency is what we value most of all in our work, hereby, we never hide any crucial information from our clients. Some of our customers prefer to not to show up their full ideas of the projects during the first contact. Nevertheless, we always require as many details as possible to prepare an accurate estimation of the project. That is one of the reasons why we are sed to signing an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). After that, you can be 100% sure, your idea is protected and safe.

The next point is the security of data, including the personal one. We take it very seriously, so each of the projects we complete has multiple security checks and tests. They are working hard on building secure and seamlessly working apps, that are fully compliant with any rules of App Store or Google Play.

One more important detail, starting from May 25 is keeping all the personal data of European users in accordance to GDPR. And we are ready for it too.

Cost and Value

And finally, one of the most important aspects of outsourcing web and mobile development is the cost. It’s not a secret, that American developers, as well as European ones, are very costly. Having their hourly rates at the level of $150-250, their services can’t be named affordable. At the same time, Indian developers are known to be the cheapest, with an hourly rate of $5-20. Unfortunately, the quality of their work remains poor. And that is the winning point of Ukrainian developers. An average development company in Ukraine takes $25-55 per hour combining this affordable price with high quality.


The word “outsourcing” might create different feelings that can be rather controversial. Everything depends on the previous experience you had with entrusting development to someone else. In other words, outsourcing can become your hell or heaven. If you want your project to be done well, consider choosing one development company instead of splitting the process between multiple teams.

Still looking for an experienced team to develop an app for you? You have already found one!

Elena Elena is the business analyst passionate about everything connected with startups, business ideas, and analytics. She’s aiming to find the solution for every challenge, young companies meet on their way.

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