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property management app


App Idea: Property Management App for Landlords and Tenants

Some people imagine landlord’s life like an endless vacation with rare breaks for collecting the rental payments. But owning a rental property requires much more efforts than just counting incomes and drinking cocktails. From the first day, you buy a house or an apartment, it starts a never-ending process of maintaining, especially if you are…

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virtual vs augmented reality


Virtual Reality VS Augmented Reality VS Mixed Reality

Global Virtual Reality market is expected to become 15 times bigger by the end of 2020 compared to 2016, reaching $3.7B. Now it is driven by hardware advancements, but industry landscape will soon change in favor of software, thanks to the proliferation of technology. On the other hand, Augmented Reality performs much better, taking the...

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Hostel App Development: do you need your own App?

Booking accommodation and flights online is not new for modern traveler. But booking additional services via mobile apps is an upcoming trend. Surely, traffic from mobile travel apps is still much lower than web traffic, but it’s growing little by little. Statistics say that total revenue from travel sales made using smartphones has grown by...

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red planet case study

Company News

Red Planet Case Study Arrives!

New project in our portfolio is waiting for your attention! Red Planet is the revenue growth agency, creating digital solutions for businesses. The corporate website that we built has an outstanding design, empowered by rich animations and intense use of Angular JS.

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AR in construction


How to Use AR in Construction: In-Depth Guide

As you start to look at Virtual and Augmented Reality and its applications in construction you may find that jumping first feets may be pretty expensive and tough. That’s why the first thing to do is architecting the vision of it. How would you like to use it in particular?

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Why does Everyone Buzz about Giant Smartphone Kiosks?

It was not long ago that McDonald’s introduced the digital self-ordering kiosks. The company launched an innovation according to its all-going crusade for simplification of the ordering process. But what they got added to the time-saving was the increased customers’ loyalty. These giant kiosks allow guests to order and pay for their food without any...

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UI and Design

How do Wireframe, Mockup and Prototype differ?

A great web design is not just putting content together and making small pieces look good. In order to provide the engaging user experience and clear interface you should see a big picture, a system beyond small pieces. The most common designer’s mistake is focusing on different elements of an interface or making sure that...

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Sports team management apps


Development of Sports Team Management Apps: Essential and Extra Features

Sport has always been one of the most popular and money making industries in the world. You will be surprised to know that sports market in North America is expected to reach $73.5 billion by the end of 2019.

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Sand Mandala


Lean Practices In Software Development Process

Let me guess. You’re stranded. You just wanted to create a simple mobile app and here you are – sitting in front of 10 Wikipedia tabs, learning new words. You may be overwhelmed with new terms, tech names, programming languages, and concepts. Nevertheless, you should be proud of yourself. You’ve come THIS far! Choosing software...

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app for conference or other event


How to Build an App for Conference

Both raising startuppers and experienced businessmen usually attend lots of networking events such as conferences, workshops, summits, meetings and so on. What they are looking for is networking connections and the opportunity to showcase their business. Such events always involve meeting lots of new people, communicating with them and learning new things. Attending any kind...

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