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Custom Telemedicine Software Development

Due to rapid digitalization in the healthcare industry, it is high time to seriously think about implementing innovative technologies into your healthcare facility in order to provide remote health monitoring and improve the experience for your patients. Telemedicine software aims to make medical services accessible, effective and digitized for patients irrespective of their place of residence, age, health diagnoses, and other barriers.

Telemedicine App Development


Depending on the specifics of your medical facility, your future mHealth solution can include features including but not limited to the following list. The idea is to implement a brand new approach to treatment and interaction between medical centers/clinics and remote patients:

  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Medication intake tracker
  • Primary care management
  • Video and audio doctor consultations
  • Doctor on demand
  • Patient management
  • Appointment management
  • Text chat with doctors
  • EHR\EMR integration
  • Secure messengers
  • Billing software
  • Medical device integration
Example of telemedicine solution

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The tech stack integrated into medical software regularly widens and updates. The technologies that we are ready to integrate into your telemedicine solution are as follows:

Telemedicine App tech stack


We are ready to consult you on how to easily introduce the latest innovations into your medical services. To dispel any doubts about the importance of mHealth software here is some information on the benefits the telemedicine platform will provide for your organization:

  • Internal processes optimization - telemedicine software is tasked with managing all internal workflows being processed every day in your medical entity, helping to avoid confusion in communication with patients;
  • Employee satisfaction- medical software aims to lighten the workload for medical workers and automate some processes where human resources are not necessary, thus, medical workers can devote their time to more vital daily tasks in order to provide impeccable patient experience;
  • More accessible healthcare - telemedicine removes any borders between doctors and patients as people can get doctor consultations, prescriptions, or treatment courses with the required medical specialists wherever they, virtually 24/7;
  • Reduced costs and materials - telemedicine software reduces the need for in-person doctor visits as many health issues can be discussed and resolved virtually;
  • Secure health data exchange - HIPAA-compliant medical apps ensure highly secure health data transmission from patient medical devices to medical center databases;
  • Rise of patient loyalty and revenue - the better the treatment experience that patients get, the higher the potential that they will continue using your medical center or clinic and recommend it to family members and friends, which means your patient base and income will grow;
  • Improved clinical assessment - due to the accurate monitoring of health indicators by telehealth software systems, doctors can provide a better and more telling remote health assessment to adjust the treatment and make it more targeted and individualized for each patient;
  • Boost the efficacy of healthcare - telemedicine software aims to not only digitize administrative processes, but also to make treatment more convenient by enabling remote health monitoring to minimize the in-person visits to cases where it’s an absolute must; a healthcare app automatically scans the patient health data, analyzes it, and reports on the efficacy of the chosen treatment course.


To prove to you why you need to set your sights on our development team, we would like to outline the services we are ready to provide you with:

  • We are a GDPR and HIPAA compliant software development company that is aware of the current legal app development requirements and other regulatory standards;
  • We build and deliver secure medical software that is fully adjusted to your individual requirements;
  • We provide wide functional expertise in order to enhance the medical services of your organization;
  • We have highly skilled developers with the experience of developing and deploying custom medical software under their belts.

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