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QR code solution to your CRM or ERP

Automatize your business processes and cut the customer journey with GBKSOFT QR code solutions.

Benefits of QR code application:

  • Open-source technology solution;
  • Automate workflow with the instant data access;
  • Facilitate contactless payments in your POS system;
  • Speed up the data collection process;
  • Eliminate errors with manual data entry;
  • Improve customer engagement and operations;
  • Upgrade business marketing, sales, customer service and feedback management;
  • Enhance business flexibility;
  • Cost-efficient solution that pays off in the long run;
  • Advanced inventory management;

Speed up your business processes with QR code adoption!

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Having extensive experience in providing high-quality solutions for business digitalization and automation of internal processes GBKSOFT offers a variety of service options:

Speed up main business aspects with QR code development

QR Code Development for Every Purpose and management industry from logistics to event management to digitize main business processes. See the table below to get to know how QR code technology can impact your bottom line:

QR code solutions

QR Code generating and data reading solutions featuring:

  • Built-in camera barcode scanning technologies that recognize Qr code as registered in your backend;
  • Easily made it generated, scanned, spotted and shared;
  • Quickly install and configure for all types of processes, products and services;
  • Allows users to easily scan QR code and be redirected to a desirable report, product or service option;
  • Examine QR code basics and the multiple ways they can impact your bottom line;

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Most popular QR code use cases

QR code solutions present a beneficial tech opportunity for business from various industry domains. Besides, it guarantees high user’s engagement, since all you need can instantly appear on the screen of your device.

QR code solutions statistics

Explore the full scope of opportunities QR code implementations offer for your business:

  • Restaurants - Rating QR code, Food Gallery QR Code, QR code to instant WiFi connection, Menu.
  • Hotels and Resorts - Hotel key cards with QR providing all the actual info including entertainment options, specialists, catering, special options and much more. Check-in, check-out systems.
  • Logistics - Goods management, documentation management, equipment maintenance.
  • Transport - QR tickets.
  • For Nonprofits - Dynamic URL in brochures or flyers, promote social media channels, events, gather the ratings and feedback.
  • For Business Consultants - QR code allows one to save your contacts with one tap, Add a Video or MP3 QR Code on your print advertising, a button to schedule an appointment.

Choose your QR code types and start development with GBKSOFT

Exist various types of QR codes depending on the type of content they could offer.

QR code solutions types

It is also different in the essence of the QR codes. They can be either static or dynamic. See the scheme below, to get better insight:

QR code solutions types

GBKSOFT will customize the barcode scanning experience for your App!

Get expert help of GBKSOFT development team

    GBKSOFT is a reliable tech partner with wide domain expertise. We are proficient in the latest technologies being focused on transparency and security! Your QR scanner feature integration is in safe hands.

    • Our experts implement SSL Encryption and GDPR, ISO compliance.
    • QR code developer assures integration of QR code API allowing to automate QR code generation.
    • QR code is detected by a 2d barcode software with the digital image sensor and then digitally analyzed by a programmed processor.
    • Scalability.
    • Easy access to data.
    • High fault tolerance.
    • Scalability.
    • Customized scanning.
    • Personalised QR codes and scanners with suitable data capacity.
    • Our QR codes rise brand awareness, since include the logo icon.
    • We configure automation programming to display QR data parameters in reports.

    Upgrade your app without costly hardware and make it user-friendly!

    Benefit from partnering with advanced technology experts

    Benefits of partnering with GBKSOFT:

    If you are looking for a quick and contactless way to exchange information with your customers, we offer custom-built QR solutions with a variety of benefits.

    • Detailed documentation and NDA policy thus you can be sure about privacy
    • Enhanced security, regular data backups, and all security certificates compliance.
    • Transparency at each stage of co-operation.
    • Rich tech stack, meeting current market demands.
    • Domain expertise.
    • The latest design solutions.
    • Agile pricing models.
    • Multiple level testing, implemented on the preliminary stages.
    • Continuous tech maintenance and support.

    Our successful projects with QR feature integration

    Request and estimate of your project idea and start integrating QR scanner to enhance the customer experience!


    How is QR code created?

    QR codes are created by scan generating solutions. These solutions are usually developed by advanced teams of specilists, who can quickly customize and integrate QR code solutions in the esisting software to speed up the required processes.

    What is the importance of QR code?

    QR codes are handy tools allowsing to quickly scan and insert the needed information throughout the supply chain and within different internal business processes.They provide great assistance within various industry domains.

    What are the most important QR code metrics?

    To the most important QR code metrics belong the operationg system, location, number of scans, time period and ROI.

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