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Our team has already built a number of on-demand service apps for web, iOS and Android using such technologies as Native PHP, Java, Swift, JS.

So not only do we have a vast experience in completing this kind of projects, but we’ve also developed a huge code base of ready-made modules and solutions for them.

What benefits does this give you?

Reduced costs

  • We’ll need less time to write specifications
  • You’ll pay a fixed price for ready-made modules
  • All basic modules are already tested, so we’ll not charge you for this work

Fast time to market

  • We’ll not spend time on developing basic modules
  • We’ll write custom specifications only for the unique features of your app
  • We have a well-established process of submitting applications to an app store, so there will be no delays in this regard


our ready-made modules

$ 80k+

2 000+ hrs


our ready-made modules

$ 10k+

500+ hrs

Request Specifications

Leave your email address and we will send you detailed specifications for standard modules most on-demand service apps have.

Custom Solution
in Result!

The fact that we’ll use basic off-the-shelf modules doesn’t mean that you’ll get a ready-made solution with some customizable features just like many others on the market. Your on-demand service application will be fully custom and unique. We’ll use some pieces of code we already have just to save your money and accelerate the development process.

  • Our business analysts may help you define features that will make your app different from what’s already offered
  • We will develop a custom app architecture that will meet your specific business needs
  • You’ll get an exclusive and trendy design
  • The unique functionality of your app will be developed from scratch
  • Your on-demand service app will be maintainable, scalable and extensible

Core Functionality

A specific feature-set of your application will depend on the types of services it’s focused on, as well as your expectations and requirements. Yet, some basic functionality is common for most on-demand service apps

User profile



Payment gateways



User Profile

No matter what kind of on-demand service application you envision to create, it must have user profiles at least for service providers. Such profiles, for example, may contain information about users’ skills, areas of expertise, experience, credentials etc.


People download on-demand service apps not just to find anyone who will do the work. They usually want to get a top offer on the market, so rating and reviews are must-have features of these solutions.


Ability to book a service provider in a few clicks is the main reason why on-demand service apps even exist. So there is no chance you can go without having this function in your solution.

Payment gateways

Making payments and getting compensation for the services rendered must be both secure and convenient. That’s why you need to think about a payment gateway you want to integrate into your application.


In most cases, customers use on-demand service apps to look for service providers in their specific location. GPS integration is also especially useful for services that can be tracked (for example, delivery or taxi booking).


No one wants to buy a pig in a poke. Chat makes it possible for customers and service providers to discuss the details, arrange a meeting or just to make sure that there is a real person on the other end.

How It Works

All on-demand service applications comprise admin panel and user panel. The latter comes in two variations: one is for service providers and another is for customers.

Service App Ideas

In general, on-demand service solutions help connect service providers with customers. Just like Uber that makes it easy for passengers to find taxi drivers nearby, the apps of this kind let users solve any routine challenge in a few clicks.

On-demand car service app

Yes, Uber has already occupied a large part of the niche, but it doesn’t mean there is no room for similar services. Develop a mobile application that will make a taxi booking process even faster and more convenient and leave your rivals behind.

On-demand delivery app

Picking up groceries from the store, getting lunch from the restaurant or congratulating your beloved with a beautiful bouquet of flowers - we all need the delivery services from time to time. That’s why you cannot go wrong with creating a delivery application that allows people to find a courier nearby. And be sure that there is always an audience for such solution.

On-demand home service app

In today’s fast-paced world, most people don’t have much free time. And cleaning the house, doing laundry or repairing something are definitely not the best ways to spend it. Create an app that will connect mobile users with maids, plumbers, cleaners, repairmen etc. and earn money by helping people get the housework done quickly and professionally.

On-demand beauty service app

A little party never killed nobody. Yet, it may become a quite upsetting experience if one doesn’t have an opportunity to prepare properly. An app that brings salon services to a user’s convenient location (for example, home and office) is a win-win solution for both - service providers and customers, so there is no doubt it will gain popularity.

On-demand tutor app

Nowadays, studying is not limited to the lesson in schools and lectures at universities - it’s a lifelong process. Create an application that will help people find a tutor for any subject and join an ever-growing niche of global knowledge sharing.

On-demand doctor app

It’s expected that on-demand medical services will disrupt the whole healthcare industry in the nearest future. And it’s no wonder - sometimes we need an urgent consultation about non-emergency health issues such as allergy, cold or anxiety. Develop a mobile app that will allow users to arrange a video call with a doctor by tapping just a few buttons and make money by helping others stay healthy.

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Village Kids

A freelancing iOS app that connects babysitters and parents. The platform aims to help parents that are looking for the last minute sitting or trying to find a reliable nanny nearby.


with Stripe Messaging & Booking Functionality

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See our work
in action

Uber for Home Services

It is a mobile application for iOS and Android devices which matches customers with service providers like painting services, maid services, etc.


Opportunity to create jobs for both roles - Customer and Supplier

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Raphael Lasry
My Project with GBKSOFT gave me the ability to develop my software while keeping a busy schedule. Ana, who was my project manager, was very professional and was always understanding of my vision and what I wanted. I would recommend GBKSOFT again to any other company or person who has a vision for their web application. Thank you GBKSOFT! Recommend
Gireesh, USA
One word...EXCELLENT.
Very well thought out and articulate communication. Clear milestones, deadlines and fast work.Patience. Infinite patience. No shortcuts. Even if the client is being careless (me). The best part...always solving problems with great original ideas, especially with this strange project where we are making up new words every day!
They proved to be very good and they’re very reliable as well. They are quite conscientious. They will go the extra yard to make sure we're happy. Reliable
More good work from team GBKSOFT. All well executed. The support within GBKSOFT is excellent. Communication is good too, spoken English as well as written. Support
They write clean code, adhere to deadlines, and communicate extremely well. I strongly recommend anyone from the GBKSOFT agency and hope to work with them again myself. Clean Code
I’ve been using GBK Soft for the past 3 years and they have been great. Communication is unparalleled to other app development companies. I’ve continued to return to them to improve my iOS app countless times and I will continue to do so in the future. I highly recommend this company! Improve
I think they do great work. I haven’t yet given them something that they were unable to do. Great
GBKSOFT did a good job to manage the project. They put in a good effort to communicate with us and make it easier for us to communicate with developers. Good Job
GBKSOFT’s performance has been very strong. We've referred them twice, which says all anyone needs to know about them. A referral is the ultimate signal we can give that these guys are great. Strong

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