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Hire Node.js Developers

Need to hire Node.js developers? We offer just that, but instead of being the bare minimum, our Node.js professionals possess extensive domain expertise and command high-level communication skills. Our team can help you build and support fast and easily scalable enterprise-level applications.

Node.js Development

Node.js technology benefits

Node.js became one of the popular server-side solutions due to its high performance. Here are the features that make Node.js the best match for enterprise software solutions and large startups.

  • Asynchronous and Event-Driven nature nature of Node.js allows processing multiple requests simultaneously, which is important for data-intensive applications.
  • Open-source approach created a strong community of developers who accumulate valuable knowledge and an impressive number of free libraries.
  • V8 JavaScript engine that powers Node.js and provides high speed of code execution.
  • Fast time-to-market is a significant trait, as coding on Node is usually quicker if compared with other technologies.
  • Scalability is baked into the Node.js concept, as it shows good performance on I/O intensive work and suitable for microservice architecture.

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Node.js for enterprise applications

Today, top companies all over the world embrace Node.js as a major solution in their tech stack. Large enterprises and corporations switch to Node as it provides them with what they need in fast real-time software.

Node.js Success Stories

Our Skills and Services

To ensure quality and develop first-rate solutions, we match our clients with hand-picked specialists that are purposefully selected to be particularly suitable for the projects at hand. These experts are certain to be equipped with deep experience and high qualifications within our technology expertise. Here are the skills and knowledge our Node.js developers have:

  • JavaScript proficiency;
  • Experience in front-end technologies, namely CSS3 and HTML5;
  • API communications and RESTful APIs knowledge;
  • Error-handling skills;
  • User authentication and authorization implementation.

We offer different options of cooperation, each suitable for different businesses depending on their goals and needs. Choose what works best for you and benefit from:

  • Audit & Consulting
  • Product Development from Scratch
  • MVP Development
  • Dedicated Team
  • Outstaffing

Why hire GBKSOFT Node.js developers?

Since 2011, we have provided immaculate services for our clients, combining high-quality development with a customer-oriented approach. By cooperating with us, you get access to:

Remarkable tech talents

  • Our team consists of top developers, skilled in their respective niches. We select specialists with remarkable experience and provide you with those who will execute their tasks to perfection.

Transparent communication

  • Every client is assigned a dedicated project manager, whose goal is to keep you engaged in the development. We schedule regular video calls and demos, provide relevant documentation and grant you access to our working environments.

Dedicated approach

  • We create a product, not just a code write-up. Our Business Analysts dive into the specifics of your domain sphere, conduct market research, and competitor analysis. We take into account the context, your business model, and key objectives which let us develop self-sufficient software.


  • Due to our Agile approach, we can adjust our plans and schedule to keep the development steady. We are always open to your requests and wishes and do our best to bring you the best possible results.

Back-office support

  • We take care of any aspects of supplying our developers with optimal working conditions, while you can solely focus on development and your business goals.

Secure solution

  • Security measures are a mandatory part of our development. We protect all information you share with us and follow data protection regulations like GDPR, ISO/IEC 27000, APPI, and others.

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