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Fully-fledged IoT software development offered by GBKSOFT

Leverage the improved IoT connectivity with expert developers from GBKSOFT. Full cycle IoT app development covering all components of IoT architecture for wholesome company digitalization.

  • Extensive consultation to prepare well-defined specifications.
  • Discovery stage, selection of the best tech stack and architecture for building MVP with priority features.
  • Security testing since the preliminary stages of developmen.
  • Integration of IoT app with relevant external systems (ERP, CRM).
  • Successful deployment with fast time to market and full maintenance.

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What You Get Developing Your IoT Project

Leverage the improved IoT connectivity with expert developers from GBKSOFT. Full cycle IoT app development covering all components of IoT architecture for wholesome company digitalization.

  • Connect your business operations throughout all locations.
  • Run your core processes from a centralized point increasing time to market.
  • Rapid bug detection and elimination.
  • Integration of smart systems providing instant access to real-time customer data.
IoT development

GBKSOFT custom IoT development services

GBKSOFT IoT app development company provides core services to upgrade your business processes and advance operational efficiency, set up the core processes and enhance visibility.

  • Full-cycle development.
  • Upgrading the existing solutions, embellishing them with unique features.
  • IoT security solutions.
  • Integrating AI-ML capabilities, generating real-time data.
  • Building software that works with the sensors and microcomputers in wearables.
  • Native IoT mobile app development and web apps.
  • API development and integration.
  • IoT integration to the existing infrastructure.

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IoT Segments We Work with - Unlock the Business Value of Connectivity

As a trusted IoT software development company GBKSOFT has rich practical experience in optimizing efficiency, design, and revenue for various industry domains. Keeping in mind the intricacies of an IoT ecosystem, we build cloud-based solutions for:

  • Manufacturing - transform manufacturing operations and improve the performance, security, tracking, and monitoring.
  • Fintech - IoT enhanced banking tools for smart devices.
  • Retail - enhanced asset monitoring, purchases automation, increased speed of transactions.
  • Logistics - automation of order processing, delivery, financing.
  • Smart cities - infuse your infrastructure with digital intelligence.
  • HoReCa - product ordering automation and optimization of expenses.
  • Agriculture - track the condition of plants and cattle, optimize the use of resources, greenhouse automation.
  • Healthcare - cost reduction, better accuracy in monitoring and diagnosis, enhanced equipment management.
IoT industries

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Tech stack for IoT Software Development

GBKSOFT cross-functional professionals in IoT application development enable your company to choose the right IoT technology stack to build advanced cloud-based solutions for the automotive industry, healthcare, smart cities and homes, personal devices, industrial purposes, and beyond.

IoT tech stack

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Engage with our team for IoT software development to diminish the possible risks and save the business time, reputation, and money.

  • Advanced experts with vast experience of cooperation with global companies.
  • Vast AI-, ML-powered skill set.
  • Effortless UX/UI design solutions for each project.
  • Cross-industry expertise.
  • Proven IoT platforms.
  • DevOps.
  • Agile pricing models.
  • Data encryption and regular data backups for absolute security.
  • No hidden costs.
  • NDA policy.

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What is IoT app development?

IoT web development presupposes building complex software that enables machine instant data exchange without human involvement.

How much does it cost to develop an IoT app?

The development cost depends on the number of features, the tech stack used and specialists involved. The approximate budget comprises $70 K.

How do you create an app for IoT?

Primarily you need to choose a platform and hardware, take care of scalability, bear in mind the security issues and make sure the app is running smoothly.

How can we help you?

  • Indicating scope, timeframes, or business challenges would allow us to provide a better response
  • Our expert team will get back to you within 24h for free consultation
  • All information provided is kept confidential and under NDA

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