Popular Types of Medical Software

A healthcare automation market is one of the most popular target areas among Silicon Valley investors nowadays. Develop a healthcare app that will transform the whole industry and earn money on helping medical institutions work more efficiently

  1. Telemedicine platforms

    Allow for remote monitoring of patients’ health conditions and online communication between doctors and patients

  2. Mobile applications for doctors

    Enable care coordination and help doctors get quick access to drug information

  3. Medical diagnostics software

    Improves the accuracy of medical diagnosis

  4. Clinical management systems

    Automate the routine and labor-intensive tasks of hospital personnel

  5. Laboratory solutions

    Facilitate research and drug discovery processes, generate reports on lab results, etc

  6. Mobile applications for patients

    Automate health tracking & appointment scheduling, send medication alerts

Top Features of Healthcare Solutions

The functionality of custom medical software may be tailored to the specific needs of healthcare providers. By using cutting-edge technologies, you can build a robust application that meets high industry requirements

    • AI-powered diagnostics
    • Drug-interaction checking
    • Dosing calculators
    • Patient progress tracking
    • Doctor appointment booking
    • Video conferencing
    • E-prescribing
    • IoT-based tools
    • Integrated EMR/EHR modules
    • Predictive analytics
    • Shared knowledge base
    • VR/AR educational capabilitiess
    • Dashboard visualization
    • Medical image interpretation
    • Medical newsfeed
    • Disease reference tools
    • Chats & Chatbots

How to Build
a Healthcare App

Nurturing health and helping doctors properly treat the patients are the two most important goals of any medical software. That’s why a healthcare app must be high-performing and built with no compromises on quality

Patient/doctor portals

Patient/doctor portals help to make healthcare experience personalized just like user profiles in any other app.

Workflow automation

Automation of routine tasks will not only make the life of clinicians easier but it will also greatly improve the waiting time for patients.

Communication platform

This is one of the handiest features of healthcare solutions since it allows hospital staff to be in touch with patients around the clock, manage & track their visits, and get feedback.

IoT-powered tools

With the help of IoT, doctors can monitor patients' health remotely. The technology may also be used for effective clinical and inventory management

Reminders & alerts

Doctors and nurses will benefit from getting alerts about new appointments. On the other end, it’s convenient for patients to receive reminders when it’s time to take pills.

Patient data security

Most healthcare apps deal with sensitive information about patients’ medical issues, so advanced data security is a must.

Completed Projects


IoT-based application that allows users to control ergomotion bases via their smartphones. Massage, head and foot articulations and other adjustments have never been that easy. With this app, they can be done with the touch of a single finger!

Available on IOS
and Android


Development Hours

Thyroid Volume Tracker

A mobile application that automatically calculates the volume of a thyroid gland during the ultrasound. It also detects any deviations from the norm and instantly generates a report.

Available on Android


Development Hours

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