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Looking for a fintech software vendor? GBKSOFT, as a reliable financial software development partner, is ready to offer you deep industry expertise and a full-cycle solution development supported by the must-have financial technology trends like AI, ML, and Big Data.

Fintech solution development

Custom Fintech Development

FinTech is tasked with implementing technology into the facilities of financial service companies, or in place of traditional banking solutions, with the purpose of improving quality, convenience, and efficiency in customer services. In other words, if the old guard finance architecture was quite rigid, profit-oriented, and infested with bureaucratic red tape, fintech is meant to alleviate this by creating consumer-oriented solutions. We are open to holding a consultation to discuss the development of the following FinTech solutions:

  • Trading Platform
  • Investment App
  • E-banking Software Development
  • Financial Engineering Software
  • Crypto Exchange Platform
  • Lending Platforms
  • Payment Peer-to-Peer Transfers
  • Insurance Technology
  • International Money Transfers
  • Personal Finance - WealthTechConsumer Banking
  • Mobile Payments /Wallets
  • Accounting

Need to talk to a fintech expert?

We know how to enhance values to different areas of fintech with the following technologies:

Financial modern technologies

Fintech services

Based on our vast experience in cooperation with companies that offer FinTech services, we’ve successfully defined the main problems that need solving and the respective solutions that are typically used:

  • Security and Compliance - to provide the company and its processes with fraud detection and secure data exchange capabilities;
  • Big data processing - to turn big data into meaningful data and provide data-driven solutions;
  • Blockchain - to structure and store company data with no ability to modify it;
  • Digital money - to speed up and simplify transactions;
  • Financial risk management - to track and manage major business processes and underlying risks associated with them;
  • Report management - to manage all financial operation issues, improve productivity and reduce costs.

Our success stories

TickerTocker is a trading platform that help users sell trading-related products.

TickerTocker trading app

PrivateSec is personal organizational management tool used for the financial directors.

PrivateSec finance management tool

Pex Trading is a platform for cryptocurrency exchange in 5 virtual coins: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP.

Pex trading cryptocurrency platform

LT App is a mobile-based financial engineering software platform that is integrated with eCALC.

LT App financial engineering software tool

Why should you choose GBKSOFT?

We’ve been providing excellent services to our clients for more than 10 years by focusing on high-quality development and meeting all clients’ demands. By partnering with GBKSOFT, you get:

  • Highly secure software development; we protect all information you share with us and follow data protection regulations like GDPR, AML, KYC, PCI DSS, and others and ensure a highly protected solution;
  • Customization of the solution`s functionality to your business processes;
  • Highly skilled developers with respectable experience under their belts;
  • Responsive conditions for long-term cooperation;
  • The result-oriented and flexible team; we are always ready to adjust our plans and address all your requests;
  • Constant engagement and transparent communication with the team;
  • Product maintenance after the deployment.

Build an innovative fintech solution with GBKSOFT.

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  • Indicating scope, timeframes, or business challenges would allow us to provide a better response
  • Our expert team will get back to you within 24h for free consultation
  • All information provided is kept confidential and under NDA

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