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Custom ERP Software Development

Boost innovations for sustainable growth with a custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. GBKSOFT’s developers are ready to build multifunctional ERP solutions from scratch for your business to streamline your business processes and increase their efficiency.

ERP processes

ERP software development services we provide

GBKSOFT is a top-notch provider of custom software development services with extended experience in business digital transformation and integration of complex software solutions for our clients. We help bring transparency in business operations, monitor financial activities, and streamline internal business processes. Building a custom Enterprise Resource Planning with GBKSOFT involves the following services:

  • Discovery stage and consulting to gather the project specifications;
  • Development of a custom ERP system from scratch due to the defined requirements;
  • Integration of a custom ERP modules into your workflows;
  • Maintenance of the ERP platform after the implementation.

Main modules of custom ERP software solution

Custom ERP is a comprehensive and multifunctional software solution that aims to optimize the internal workflows of your organization, thereby distributing resources within the company appropriately and increasing the overall productivity. To enhance the efficiency of your company processes, a custom ERP platform can help with managing the following processes:

  • Finance planning and management
  • Order management
  • Inventory management
  • Manufacturing
  • HR management
  • Data analytics
  • Custom report generation
  • Supply chain management
  • Procurement management
  • Marketing automation
  • E-commerce
  • CRM

Technologies we focus on

We build custom ERP solutions that are accessible in any version you require - web, desktop or mobile.

technological stack

We guarantee smooth integrations

  • Integration with famous ready-made ERPs
  • API to provide seamless merger of ERP modules
  • Implementation of custom security policies
  • IoT and blockchain integrations

Pricing models we offer

Time & Material

  • Applicable for the development with variable project scope and requirements.

Dedicated team

  • Used for the large-scale projects with full engagement of the team into project specifics.

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Advantages of custom ERP software development

Enhance business capabilities

  • ERP solution is tasked with automating the internal processes within your organization in order to eliminate the need for human involvement, properly distribute workloads and optimize workflows. ERP platform helps your company to stay in business and keep you ahead of your competitors.

Precise predictions

  • Forecasting is vital to business survival across all industries. It helps to optimize the current business strategies to make them more efficient and define what steps should be taken like financial operations, investment, sales, and any other changes.


  • A custom ERP solution can be easily scaled up and it can grow along with your company. You can always integrate the new functions your organization requires, expand the database space to properly structure all business information, etc.

Integrated database

  • Information is one of the core values of any type of business company. A custom ERP app is tasked with recording, organizing, and saving all the company data related to clients, employees, financial and other operations, and other types of documents.

Cost reduction

  • By automating some internal processes, an ERP solution helps decrease loads from your employees and automates daily tasks so there is no need to hire more employees to perform particular activities. Moreover, you can forget about double-checking documents and other executed tasks as ERP eliminates the number of human errors and enhances data reliability.


  • There are diverse security models like authentication, user management, zero trust to be implemented in your ERP tool for the purpose of keeping your data private and avoid leakages.
ERP development flow

GBKSOFT success cases

Leo - construction management tool

Leo is a business management tool developed for a construction company that produces landscape stones. Due to our close-knit cooperation, our development team managed to develop a custom ERP solution that includes the following options:

  • User profiles - storing the customer data and reducing workload from employees
  • Job management - shows the status and responsible person who executes the order
  • Real-time calculation - customers can see the final costs of the orders before they confirm them;
  • Order management - customers can add more details to their orders like upload drawings and change them, create mold lists, add sections, etc.
LEO case ERP for construction company

Highrise - property management system

Highrise is a property management system for the real estate company with narrow specialization - resolving the issues and complaints of tenants within a particular list of accommodations. The main goals of this ERP system were to:

  • Automate customer data collection to avoid mix-ups and information losses;
  • Provide notifications for the owners about new complaints;
  • Apply data analytics to track the efficacy of the system;
  • Add payment gateway to provide smooth payments for services.
Highrise ERP for real estate

Hire GBKSOFT ERP developers

We are a trusted and professional ERP development company that aims to provide our clients with high-grade software development services for our clients. By partnering with GBKSOFT, you will receive:

  • The wide tech talent pool of top-notch software developers;
  • Dedicated development approach considering all your needs;
  • Flexible partnership conditions as we are always ready to accommodate our clients’ requests;
  • Minized financial risks as we check the financial capacity of custom ERP implementation;
  • Extended functional and technical expertise as we are proficient in the latest tech trends;
  • Self-management as we provide the process transparency and risk management during the development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What functions should my ERP solution include?

It depends on the needs of your organization. Get in touch with our specialists that will help you define the core requirements of your ERP solution during the discovery stage.

Why is a cloud-based ERP a better option?

A cloud-based ERP is easier to scale, meaning to widen the functionality and number of system users. At GBKSOFT we will build the ERP software that will be more appropriate for your company.

How can we help you?

  • Indicating scope, timeframes, or business challenges would allow us to provide a better response
  • Our expert team will get back to you within 24h for free consultation
  • All information provided is kept confidential and under NDA

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