Dedicated Development Team

Enable innovations and create high-end software products with a dedicated Scrum team working in short sprints

What is a Dedicated Team Model?

Dedicated Team Model is a type of long-term cooperation between client and outsourcing company

Key features
How it works
How it benefits you
Full involvement in client’s project(s)
Dedicated team works on client’s project(s) full-time as a company’s remote IT department
Developers know the specifics of your project(s) so they are contributors, not just contractors
Outsourcing company takes on the burden of recruitment and provides all the necessary administrative support, as well as equipment and infrastructure required to support developers
You don’t have to spend time and money on searching for professionals and other issues associated with employment relations (trainings, office expenses etc.)
Client approves a dedicated team gathered by the outsourcing company
You can adjust a team to your current needs by engaging or dismissing developers with certain skills
Management control
Client assigns tasks and projects to a team
You have full management control over team’s activities, scope of work and priorities
Budget forecasts
Client is charged with a monthly payment that depends on the amount of work completed and the level of developers engaged
You avoid troubles associated with numerous money transfers and your costs are fully predictable

When You Need
a Dedicated Team

Although dedicated team works remotely, its members are committed to client’s projects and are interested in their success as much as in-house personnel. There are several cases when hiring a dedicated development team is notably beneficial.

    Large volume of work
    Long-term and complex projects
    Unclear requirements
    Changeable goals
    In-house team lacks expertise

How we work

To provide top-notch services to all our clients, we follow the Agile approach and work according to Scrum methodology

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