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We have been a reliable tech partner for startups since 2011.
Our dedicated development teams help build effective solutions in order to scale your startup and enable business growth.

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Benefits of Altamira dedicated software development team

The main goal of our dedicated software development team is to provide an excellent customer experience and correspond to the client’s expectations. Therefore we constantly improve our services and guarantee that by choosing Altamira dedicated team, you will receive:


Hire our dedicated software development team and get skilled Middle and Senior developers with credible experience in your industry. We consider the goals of your solution and work for the successful results.

Save resources spent on hiring

Our dedicated software development team is ready to start working on your project right away. You don’t have to waste time looking for developers as we are able to provide you with all the required resources.

The entire focus is on your project

Our dedicated developers are completely involved in your project and its specifics with no occupation in any other activities. They are not just writing code but aim to help you reach your goals and deploy a successful solution.


Altamira outsourcing team allows you to save money on office-related expenses like rent, equipment, workplaces, etc. Due to the dedicated software development team model, you pay only for the actual working hours spent.


Dedicated development with Altamira is all about flexibility. You can easily expand or narrow the team without compromising on deadlines or your budget and still get high quality development services.

Major tech talent pool

Europe is one of the largest worldwide tech talent pools that counts more than 200,000 pro software developers that offer first-class development services for the most reasonable rates in Europe.

Extend your team with our dedicated developers

Dedicated software development team is the best fit for:

  • Companies that need to extend expertise
  • Businesses that need cost-efficient alternatives
  • Businesses with tight deadlines and need of quick start
  • Solution compliant with your particular processes and policies
  • A project that involves a diverse tech stack
  • Projects with variable scope and specifications


We are working tirelessly to widen our technical expertise and stay aware of the latest market trends. Among the other services, we are ready to provide your software solutions that involve:

Technical expertise Altamira


flow of dedicated approach

Excellent infrastructure

Altamira is an Eastern European software development provider with extensive experience in delivering high-grade software to help our clients implement technological innovations in their businesses. We offer:

  • Comfortable office in Bratislava, one of the largest Slovakian tech centers
  • DevOps specialists
  • Office managers responsible for comfortable work conditions
  • Access control systems for office
  • Established inner business processes
  • Additional security arrangements

Initiate coperation and benefit
from our dedicated team services

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help if I need to expand my team with one specialist?

Altamira provides the service of a dedicated development team for your project as well as a team extension service to supply your in-house with additional resources.

What specialists does dedicated software development team include?

The structure of the dedicated development team depends on the specialization of your business and the scope of your project. A dedicated software development team entails the full team of developers including business analysts, project manager, UI\UX designers, frontend and backend developers, QA testers.

Can I scale up fast with your dedicated development team?

We guarantee the ability to scale the dedicated team asap during the development with no impact on the process, and deadlines.

Does your dedicated software development team follow the Agile approach?

We primarily adhere to the Agile methodology due to its flexibility and suitability to all kinds of software projects. Moreover, Altamira's dedicated software development team is always ready to adjust to your needs and requirements, and also make changes in the project's scope even if the development process has already started.

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