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Since the very beginning in 2011, we've put our client's business values and goals on top of our priorities. We build highly functional custom-made software aimed to bring an advantage to your company in today's market. Custom automation helps you to be in step with innovation, and puts you ahead of the competition, or opens a blue ocean in front of your business.

We are a team of experienced project managers, developers, architects, UX\UI designers, DevOps specialists tested on the most complex projects and interesting business tasks.

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Cyber security


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Risk management strategy

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Quick go to market strategy

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Access to 100+ top-notch custom software developers

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High NPS score

employee retention

High employee retention rate

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Client-centric approach

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Continuous support

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Types of Custom Software We Deliver

Custom business software serves for managing all flows within one system that evaluates the efficacy of the company's overall performance and automates the needed internal processes to improve business productivity.

  • ERP
  • CRM
  • EHR
  • HRM
  • SCM
  • LMS
  • Billing solutions
  • AI-powered software

Custom software to the specific business requirements

We deliver top-notch custom software solutions due to specific business requirements including:

  • Custom project estimation
  • Custom manufacturing
  • Specific order creation
  • Custom approach to each client

B2C software

We know how to develop custom applications to provide your customers with a high-grade experience.

  • Online shopping stores
  • Web portals
  • banking apps

Technologies is proficient in

Altamira has a strong technical background; our employees are constantly sharpening their skill sets to accommodate the latest incoming and emerging innovative technologies and consequently apply this knowledge to custom software development for our clients.

Altamira technologies

Choose the option you need from the range of service models we offer

Custom software development enables you to increase your overall business productivity; replacing your countless amount of business apps with an all-in-one custom business management system. We provide an extensive range of services within our domain of expertise of custom software development; we develop solutions of different types, aimed at achieving all kinds of objectives, and that are of varying levels of difficulty and complexity.

End-to-end software development

  • Full-cycle software development process starting from the discovery stage to the maintenance after release.

Solution design

  • We create a unique and intuitive design concept for your custom software considering your brand identity.

Solution architecture

  • Based on the project needs, our team chose the most suitable solution architecture to build a highly functional software system.

MVP development

  • We are ready to develop a prototype of your custom software solution to test the basic functionality and plan further development steps.

Discovery stage

  • By assessing your business process and industry demands, we create to define the core requirements of a custom app.

Consulting & Audit

  • Evaluating the business needs for the custom software solution and assessment of the existing software to define the required improvements.

Support and maintenance

  • Regular reviewing and updating the solution`s functionality after the release stage to maintain your custom app relevantly and functional.

Dedicated team

  • The full development team is engaged in developing your software solution.

Team extension

  • We are ready to provide your in-house development team with additional resources.

Legacy code rebuilding

  • The reviewing the code of your existing app and implementation of the required changes to upgrade the solution`s functionality.

Corporate Applications We Develop


Digital banking app
Trading platforms
Cryptocurrency apps
Finance management tool


Medical billing software
All-in-one healthcare management system

Real Estate

Property management system
Booking apps
SaaS solution


PoS software

Supply Chain & Manufacturing

Order management system
Inventory management system
AI-powered ERP
IoT software

Available contract types

Dedicated team

  • You are looking for a long-term cooperation-type model
  • Your project requirements can grow
  • Monthly-based payments

Time & Material

  • You have an undefined project scope
  • You expect to introduce modifications to your requirements
  • Tight control over the resources that are spent towards the project

Cost of custom software development

Numerous factors influence the cost of your custom software development; the variances are mainly a function of the scope and complexity of your project.
The key factors that influence the cost of the custom solution are:

  • Type of software solution and ranges of supported platforms
  • The scope and complexity of your project
  • The complexity of the design concept
  • Infrastructure requirements
  • Type of contract - dedicated team or full-cycle development
  • Number of required integrations

Choose Your Service Option


This stage is unique for each software project, depending on what the core problems at hand are. It helps define the main business needs, form the architecture vision and define what value this solution will bring to end customers. The discovery stage often details the:.


This stage involves assessing the current product (solution architecture and code review (assessing the processes: quality processes, practices, management processes) in order to find out the reasons why the current product is not stable and scalable and form a plan of action on how to change this:

  • project scope
  • product architecture (if the vision is missing)
  • technical details for long-term projects
  • creation of POC (proof of concept)
  • prototype development

Solution Development

Full-cycle outsourcing product development from scratch, the flow of which depends on the project specifics.

Related Services

Solution integration

We guarantee smooth integration
of the new custom solution with your existing business apps,
whether these apps are custom or provided by vendors.

API development

API development ensures smooth integration
and communication of your custom business software with other systems.

Continuous support

Our team provides regular performance review,
bug fixing, and functionality upgrading to
maintain your solution highly functional and operating.

How do we start our cooperation?

RFP from your company

We prepare our offer including project estimation, services, methodologies

Service-level management

Signing the contract

Shifting the responsibility

Set up the development process

Discussion of the needs of stakeholders

communication channels, level of involvement during the development, etc.

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