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Custom CRM development for launching the powerful startup

Altamira, a custom CRM development vendor, builds advanced CRM systems enabling to perfectly tune your business flow. Grow customer loyalty, introduce efficient management and grow sales through greater visibility, improved workflow management, and advanced data analytics.


Get connected to your customers through innovative custom CRM tools!

CRM development services in Altamira

Altamira offers a custom CRM development tool that will support your business scaling. Having extensive cross-industry expertise, we successfully deliver CRM tools utilizing the best tech stack and tools. We guarantee the implementation of the best-suited features by immersion in your business and deep analysis of processes.

CRM development services in Altamira

  • Custom CRM development for your individual business needs and requirements
  • Discovery stage
  • Quality control across all stages of development

CRM development services in Altamira

  • Risk predictions and quick management
  • Selections of appropriate CRM modules by advanced CRM developers team
  • Software requirements specification, document preparation
  • Prototype development

CRM development services in Altamira

  • Protection of private sensitive data
  • Seamless integration of the solution into the existing workflow
  • Support and maintenance after the deployment

Leverage advanced technology and build customers’ loyalty on a convenient platform!

Our successful projects

Highrise - a real estate solution

The customer that turned to us for help, provides service of resolving the issues in real estate from occurring violations and tenant complaints, permit monitoring, and others.On this project, our team worked on the data collection automation, implementation of e-mail notifications, introduction of the subscription based-product for monitoring the complaints and order violations and payments automation. Moreover, our team managed to tune the tools for measuring the website efficiency by integration of Google Analytics as well as update the content and design of the website.

Little apple - a CRM solution for education

The solution is built for hearing-impaired children that helps them study with different specialists. Since the manual collection and management of contact data was too time-consuming, the customer turned to us for expert help. The global aim was to automate the process of organization and structuring of customer data keeping the track of the status of the records. Also, the customer required the optimization of finance tracking for avoiding money loss. Our team offered: a unified system with clients` records, invoice management, provider management, document database.

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Why choose custom CRM solutions?

By selecting custom CRM development, you achieve a greater cost-saving from a long-time perspective by having access to the software features that perfectly suit your business objectives. It is a perfect solution for narrowly customized products or exclusive selling process which does not match the standard sales pipelines.


Get the solutions that perfectly satisfies your tech requirements.


Build advanced CRM with third-party integrations.


Solution for individual business workflow.


Cloud-based software for overall accessibility.

Gain a competitive edge through automation of business processes increased efficiency and improved customer management!

All-in-one solution to increase sales, improve marketing and customer service

Sales processes optimization

Organized daily workflow, tasks prioritizing and schedule management, efficient reporting, and forecasting.

Marketing campaigns and better customer engagement

Personalized customer approach through a variety of possibilities.

Advanced customer service

Better organization and management of customer cases that increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Why outsource CRM development to Altamira

GBSKSOFT is a trusted tech partner specializing in CRM development services. Partnering with our team the customer gets a high level of expertise, flexible conditions, and minimal financial risks.

Reasons why our clients recommend us a CRM development company

  • Each CRM developer has advanced experience in web, mobile, and desktop app development
  • Fast time to market
  • Agile development
  • Unique UX/UI designs
  • Fair pricing with no hidden costs
  • NDA policy
  • Strict deadlines
  • Transparency of processes at all stages

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