ios developer (swift)kyiv

What you definitely need to have:

2+ years Experience in iOS (Swift) development.

Knowledge and experience in:

  • Cocoa and iOS SDK.
  • Development of the client - server applications.
  • Solid knowledge of Swift and completed project you can show us.
  • GCD, RestKit, CoreData, SQLite, Autolayouts, AFNetworking.
  • Integration of maps, geolocation services, push-notifications, social media APIs.
  • Understanding of the OOP principles.
  • Experience with third-party services and APIs: Google APIs, Social Networks, Payment Systems (PayPal, Stripe, etc.), advertising systems.
  • Posting Experiences to Apple App Store.
  • Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles inside Apple developer account.
  • Experience in Git.
  • Technical English.

Respect and glory if you also have:

  • Understanding of MVC and software design pattern.
  • Knowledge of ReactiveCocoa and KVO.
  • Knowledge of websockets.
  • Knowledge of how synchronization with iCloud works.
  • Understanding of Objective-C development process.
  • Experience in project estimation.

We are always looking for talent.

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