Types of Business
Management Tools

Develop a management tool that is easy to use for your employees and that automates day to day tasks. Or integrate several third-party services into an existing software infrastructure your company has. We are proficient enough to play on both sides!

  1. Tools for Small & Medium Businesses

    • Project management tools
    • Business process management system
    • CRM & business relationship management systems
    • Social media management tools for small business
  2. Resource Management Tools

    • Time management tools
    • Financial management tools
    • Content management systems
    • Human resource management system
  3. Enterprise-grade Systems

    • Corporate travel management tools
    • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
    • Enterprise content management (ECM)
    • Policy management, reporting and administration tools

Business Management Functionality

    • Task management board
    • Drag-and-drop user interface
    • Real-time user monitoring
    • Roles & Permissions management
    • Statistics & Reports visualization
    • Support for multiple data formats
    • Export/Import functionality
    • Integration of external services

Management Systems

The enterprise-grade system isn't just about specific features, you can get the required functionality out of separate SaaS management products. The enterprise management system is a holistic strategy in management and control over business processes.

We’ve got clients that successfully developed and implemented such consistent architectural model, which eventually supports a significant part of their corporate environment.


The enterprise-level system requires not only a profound file-level security but also a holistic approach that will keep information safe across all chains and applications or companies infrastructure.

Workload optimization

The ability to withstand high loads and overall productivity margins are the qualities that set our app apart from others

Highly-structured system

If your company happened to have a multi-level management structure, we’ll gladly use our proficiency in what’s called “multidimensional” roles and app permissions.

Completed Projects

Roadmap Tool

The project management app that aims to visualize the workflow on the project. It helps both individuals and teams to navigate within the project and collaborate on tasks.

Trello, Jira and Slack integration

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