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Uber for Plumber

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  • Updated on January 20, 2020
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You definitely should have an app to promote your plumbing business! Perhaps, you have a team of plumbers operating in the neighborhood. They can greatly benefit from your own unique app. It will save time it takes your customers to reach you and promote your services in AppStore or GooglePlay. It will also simplify and optimize the whole process, freeing the hands of your employees and enhancing the experience for your customers.

For a business that wants to thrive going digital is no longer optional and it takes more than just having a website. Phones are used more often and are owned by more people. Specialists in digital innovation already talk about “mobile first” world because it takes less time to do everything with your phone and a phone is always nearby. Thus, your business should be in your customers’ phones.   

Why Making Your Own Plumber On-Demand App

So many apps, right? You may think, why bother? Well, your business already has an ecosystem perfect for app distribution. You already made that part of work that will make your app popular. Your existing clients will upload it and spread the news to others. After all, even Facebook (!) was once just an in-house site made specifically for Harvard students, then just for students, and quickly afterwards for all people. You are more likely to expand and get more new clients thanks to the app and because your competitors don’t have it.

On demand plumber app development is a solid business idea that deserves realization. Do you own a plumbing business? Are you willing to expand, attract more customers and increase your revenue? Hire a dedicated team to provide you with a plumbing app that is both cost efficient and user-friendly.

Key Benefits of Your Plumber App:

  • Competitive advantage
  • Makes you look innovative
  • Saves your clients’ time and effort
  • Optimizes your routine processes (scheduling, invoicing, routing, inventory tracking)
  • Allows you to expand your client base

If you want to survive in digital age, learn this: the easier, the better. This is a golden rule of innovation. Everything must be as easy and simple to do as possible but not a bit easier. Can you make your operations easier for your employees? Can you make it more simple for your clients to order a plumber promptly? I bet you can. And if you can do it, you definitely should do it.

Every household needs plumbing service from time to time. Your may be the one that has its own app and is always in the phone of your clients. The users of your app will check with your service first thing something happens with their kitchen sink. Otherwise, they are forced to browse and look to find a contractor or a firm, then call it, then have them calling back, etc. With your app they just put in the address and name the problem – that’s it.

Features to include in your Uber for plumber App:

  • Discount system with notifications
  • Prices and rates
  • Comments on delivered services
  • Map showing the nearest plumber
  • Inventory checking (what needs to be reinstalled)
  • Estimations to show when the work will be done

Your own app can help you grow your business. Like having a site is no longer optional, so is having an app. That’s simply because smartphones come to be more popular than PC and laptops. Thus, you should adapt your business accordingly. Promoting your plumbing business with your own unique app is the best expansion strategy that is implemented by the most successful companies.      

Want to make your own plumber app?

Igor is a content manager at GBKSOFT who strongly believes in the amazing possibilities of IT renaissance. He is personally interested in how high tech can benefit business and improve marketing to make internet great again

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