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Uber-like apps for everything On-demand

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Uber started the development of so-called on-demand economy with a wide range of services and goods provided immediately. On-demand apps are breaking into the market at a high pace. There are taxi apps, food apps, delivery apps, beauty apps, and even dog-walking apps.

The main idea of any Uber-like app is to match customer’s needs for goods and services with the third-party providers like drivers, restaurants or dog-walkers. Often, there are two variants of apps for download from the market – one meant for customers and another one for service providers.

Here is a list of the most popular categories of on-demand apps represented on the market:

  • Delivery apps render such services as transportation, courier, food delivery, home moving.
  • Rental apps provide services of accommodation, booking or renting cars and buying tickets.
  • Home service apps are represented on the market with the laundry, dog walking, cleaning, cooking, and any household fixing or mending apps.
  • Healthcare apps match patients to the doctors whose medical consultation they need, users can get either online consultation or offline check-up depending on their condition.
  • Educational apps help users find a teacher or a tutor for online or offline study.
  • Fitness app matches those who want to stay fit with personal trainers.
  • Beauty apps make it possible to receive all kinds of beauty services anywhere be it office or a hotel room.

All successful on-demand apps have one common trait: they deliver services that people use frequently. There is no use in developing an app that people might need to use only once a month. The more frequently people might feel a need for a specific service, the better. Some Uber-like apps are not represented well enough in certain regions, which gives a chance to startupers to satisfy a current need for on-demand services.

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