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Uber for Education: Individual Education Available for Everyone

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Uber for Education: Student-Centered Educational App

Analysts cite education as a second largest market after the healthcare in the U.S. and Europe. The market accounts for 9% of U.S. GDP. And 20% of all those spendings are projected to come from the mobile sector by the end of 2020.

Here’s a distribution of spendings for education in the U.S.

  • Early childhood education: $ 70 billion.
  • K-12: $ 60 billion.
  • HIGHER education: $ 475 billion.
  • Adult learning: $ 55 billion.

Imagine a mobile app that could develop individual educational programs for students and search for best teachers by character and knowledge in the field. Such app could simply integrate into the existing educational system and work with existing university or school programs.

By the way, Mark Zuckerberg has recently intensified his philanthropy initiatives in the field of individual education. And there are many other educational programs your future mobile app can collaborate with.

Uber for Education App Best Features

  • Classes Booking – Online registration system that will schedule student’s timetable and fit his program with existing university schedule.
  • Interactive Student / Teacher Profile – This option will allow users to keep all their grades and rating in one place, allowing to quickly assess their performance and suggest the best educational program.
  • Advanced Search Engine – That helps find new classes and teachers around.
  • Book Individual Class – Allows parents to apply additional efforts and help their kids to succeed in the field they prefer.

How much does it cost?

To make an app like Uber for Education you need designers, developers, business analysts, project managers, and hard work by many professionals. Usually price for such Education Apps starts from 30K per one platform (iOS or Android ) and it can increase, depending on the company you will choose. However, as we have ready-made developed modules as well as extensive experience making such applications, our prices are lower. We may deliver your own on-demand app with unique design developed specifically for your Education Business for only about 10K.

We have been developing Education Applications for a long time. Thanks to this we accumulated a huge base of knowledge, expertise, and even ready-made MVP. Using such modules, we reduce app cost down to the most affordable on the market.


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