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Uber for Delivery: Easy Search for Courier

Aug 30, 2017
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Uber for Courier: Saves your Money on Logistics

Logistics has always been on the edge of progress and one of the first industries that adopted all the best technologies available. Mobile application technologies are no exception. They are already used to track packages, order delivery from restaurants, cafes of just from food stores.

On the other hand, the mobile market still untouched by private delivery services or on-demand delivery services like bike/on foot couriers. And here is where uber for couriers app may prosper.

The simplest example of such app is to connect the courier base directly with customers through the mobile app. Such app can be a required third-party that will guarantee security and customer right in case of private couriers will fail to deliver package safe and on time. For sure there are many other ways of sharing logistics services, get in touch with us and we’ll gladly discuss those formats with you!

Best Features of Delivery App

  • Package Tracking – Allows users to track their deliveries and know exactly where their package is.
  • Delivery Notifications –  Send SMS or Push notifications when the courier is around the destination place.
  • Courier Standing – Provide users with the search option, so they could find the most trustworthy courier.

Want to Make an Uber for Delivery?

Contact Us and Consider It Developed!

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