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Uber for Boats: Marine App that Helps you Roam the Water

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  • by Alex Pedchenko on December 07, 2018
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If you thought about the Development of an on-demand Boat-yacht Service, this may be actually a good idea. Uber-like itself has moved in direction of the water transportation market at least twice. It has launched special UberBOAT service for in 2015 and made service available in Croatia, on June 26th, 2017.

Still Uber hasn’t captured the best part about water rides. This app should be made for rich people, who are spontaneous in their wants and interested in quick and effortless boat service. Thanks for such a lucrative targeted audience, yacht lovers, the app doesn’t necessarily need to gain mass popularity in order to get a stable income.

Boat Sharing App can be easily monetized and become profitable without covering a wide audience.

Business Opportunities

There are about 12 million registered boats in the U.S. according to the National Marine Manufacturers Association report. Most of them are private vessels, and about 100 thousands of them are yachts.

Sadly, but in most cases these ships are idle, moored to the shore for ⅔ of their lifespan.
Obviously, some boat owners would gladly rent or share their vessel in order to cover maintenance expenses. Likewise in the U.S., an Uberboat service can get much of attention among European yacht owners, especially those located in the Mediterranean Sea.

By the way, we’ve made a similar geolocational web service for private yacht owners called Sea.

Another great opportunity lies in the development of boat booking app, that will ease public transportation in cities that situate on the shore. Such app can monetize through ads and transaction fees that will be charged for boat ticket purchase.

For instance, there are more than 70 inter-regional ferry-lines in Japan. The island country, as well as Norway, boasts one of the most developed water transportation networks. Development of an app that locates and schedules a water trip may be extremely helpful and popular among locals.

In addition, don’t forget about water cities and tourists centers like Venice, Miami, Chicago, Paris, Wuzhen, Shanghai, Hamburg, Amsterdam, etc. Each of them can be a good place to start the boat booking company operation.

Boat Rental App Features

  • Rides Request – This feature will suit for any travel app and those tourists who are looking for a private voyage with a professional captain.
  • Boat Locator – It may be really hard to find your boat if you’re not familiar with a pier or port.
  • Internal Massager – Prompt communication with boat owner may be extremely helpful if you’re not familiar with a yacht and her “character”.
  • Boat Booking – The most common use of Uber for boat app is the ability to share or rent a for a day trip.
  • Nautic Maps – For those who prefer to be a true captain on board. We adore the aesthetics of nautical maps and will be pleased to integrate this feature again like we did for Drophook app.
  • Weather Forecast – Some extra support for travelers. You definitely don’t want to rent a yacht in storm day.

Interested in the development of uber for boats app?

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