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Uber for Beauty Allows Booking a Stylist for Any Occasion

Aug 30, 2017
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Uber for Beauty: Simple way to Find Good Stylist near You

Personal fashion styling has always been in high demand among women. In addition to its luxurious fleur and high prices this segment of beauty industry also integrates three services at once: Hair, Makeup, and Styling itself. Development of a beauty booking app may become a stable source of income.

By now the search for a proper stylist is a painful process made primarily through advice and personal acquaintances. Mobile app that shares stylists portfolios and helps women find suitable specialists can become the revelation market has awaited for so long.

Stylist Booking App Core Functions

  • Stylist Portfolio – Let users find best specialists by checking their portfolios. This feature can be also used for monetization of the app. Stylists can promote their portfolio through the app and find clients with similar tastes.
  • Appointment Scheduling – This is a core feature that will save customers’ time and let them make a makeup or haircut in a matter of hours rather than days.
  • Payment Gateway – Integrate PayPal, Stripe or any other payment method your clients prefer.

Interested in development of uber for beauty app?

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