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Uber for Babysitting: Mobile App to Find a Nanny Nearby

Oct 30, 2017
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Uber for Babysitting

Uber for Babysitting: Finds Best Sitter for Your Kids

Every parent has an emergency situation when they need to leave kids at home for a couple of hours or even days. Each of us can have such problem once in awhile. Furthermore, many parents have a constant need in a reliable sitter to stay with their children. Imagine a mobile application that finds a reliable nanny in a matter of minutes!

Surely, a $5 billion market size in the U.S. can’t live without competition and legal constraints. Fortunately, we know how to deal with legal complaints like COPPA and know which value propositions are in demand right now.

Babysitter Booking App Features

  • Background Check – Every parent wants to be sure that their kids are safe. Integration this feature into your app is a must in order to make sure that all babysitters are checked a safe for hire.
  • Booking & Scheduling – This is a core feature that will allow parents to book an exact time and will manage sitters schedules letting them focus on primary tasks.
  • Personality Matching – The educational process goes much easier if you match nannies’ and kids’ character types. This app feature will save a lot of time for parents that are careful in their choice and value their kid’s personality.
  • Internal Messages – Provides a direct communications channel between parents and babysitter for all those little questions a nanny might have along the work.

Families spend an average of $180 a week on child care and there are more than 32 million children that need it while their parents at work in the U.S.  

Still waiting for someone to get into this market?

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