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TravelSafe API For COVID-19 Restrictions And Risk Assessment

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  • by Ksenija Kolomiiets
  • Updated on October 27, 2020
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Since the start of the pandemic, the tourism industry and all related industries have been in crisis. After launching its open API platform, business travel SaaS startup TravelPerk created a separate API to support the travel business and its customers. This solution provides up-to-date information on what and where the restrictions for tourists are currently in force and the risks associated with COVID-19.

The TravelSafe API works on a subscription basis. Any travel service can integrate this product so that when making a reservation, customers receive the information they need and what hotel rooms or tickets are currently available. This solution takes data from official sources that service providers usually use.

So using this API, you can assess the level of risk of this trip to a specific country at a certain point by analyzing the reproductive status of the epidemic in real-time. This will make it easier to manage travel risks.

The pandemic has severely crippled the travel business, as bans and multiple restrictions collapsed the demand for international travel and virtually destroyed several business travel market levels. After the restrictions were partially lifted, the market began to revive, yet many business trips are now being replaced by video conferencing.

To somehow withstand the crisis caused by COVID-19, TravelPerk has relied on launching APIs to improve the service that travel companies provide. In particular, this service is available to airlines, tour operators, and various booking platforms.

TravelSafe API is a separate product available to any company. We created this technology for our platform because we knew that our customers and travelers need accurate and up-to-date information in such volatile times. However, we quickly realized that the same need exists across the sector and that what we have created for ourselves can be truly valuable to the entire tourism industry

confirms CEO and co-founder Avi Meir

It is expected that the most significant demand will be among medium-sized players in the tourism market since the product is easy to integrate and, most importantly, quickly. Also, the data is unique and updated in real-time. It is also worth noting that risk assessment is not subjective but entirely based on available data totality. These options are critical now as the travel industry changes daily.

It remains problematic to keep the guidebooks up to date since the pandemic situation is volatile and, in part, data may not be available.

“We cannot improve the quality or accuracy of the available Covid-19 data globally, but we can make it much easier for travelers to access and understand the information available,” the company says.

For travelers now, the provision of reliable information is incredibly important, especially concerning the rules for crossing the border and the list of documents needed for this. Do not forget that there are specific requirements for returning, which are also worth knowing for those going on a journey.

As for the TravelPerk API-based platform, it is worth noting that the market received their product more than favorably since 50 applications for integrations from new partners were accepted in the first month.

As we said at the beginning of the first wave of COVID-19, the crisis should not be perceived as a negative phenomenon since it is also a time of opportunity. Of course, you need to adapt to the situation and understand your market’s needs or the market in which you would like to work.

If the crisis has affected you, you still do not understand how digital solutions can help your business. We offer a free consultation with our Business Analyst, and you also have the opportunity to compete in promoting your company on the Internet using advertising campaigns and promotions.

Are you looking for an efficient digital tool to support your business in a crisis?


Ksenija Kolomiiets Expert & Evangelist in business optimization tools like fintech, logistics, on-demand services apps who will help you to understand the core ideas of the outlined themes by my articles. I also have great expertise in social media and education platforms so let me know "in comments" if you want me to describe a theme you're interested in.

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