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Top Trending Programming Languages to Learn in 2019

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top programming languages 2018

If you need a short answer to the question what programming language will run the show in 2018, there are three of them: Java, JavaScript, and SQL. However, this is the “answer 42”, which takes into account only current demand, popularity in business sector and average wages across the market.

Despite the high rates of tech development, the adoption of new programming languages in business is rather a conservative process. Large enterprises, focused on B2B market, tend to stick to the proven technology stacks. There are two reasons for that: it’s cheaper to adapt and it can run on any platform among their customers.

Therefore, Java’s motto: “Write once, run anywhere,” completely explains its popularity. Java held the top since early-00s and is not going anywhere anytime soon. It is true that in recently Java may be eclipsed by SQL and JavaScript. But Java is still #1 among Android developers, which gives it a significant boost in popularity. 

Nevertheless, the world is constantly changing and so does programming. The Titans are moved away by the uprising stars. The fresh example is Kotlin. When it only appeared in 2011, no one could predict that it would become the second official programming language for Android development just in 6 years! Kotlin, undoubtfully, has its own advantages and is designed in a manner to replace Java with time. The Java-based nature of this language allows companies to gradually migrate to Kotlin without interfering the development process.

On the other hand, young entrepreneurs, with an incline to B2C and web, opt for JavaScript. But those are driven by profitability and flexibility and adhere to general trends. In fact, it is easier to replace a JavaScript specialist than to look for a new employee with a less common Clojure skill.

SQL win-win situation

Despite the fact that SQL is not a multi-purpose language (unlike Java), it is still in high demand across the market. SQL’s main function lies in managing the data and as long as users generate new information, its popularity will rise as well.

Here are TOP 10 programming languages by popularity according to Stack Overflow survey:

JavaScript logo pics
SQL logo img
Java logo
C# logo
Python logo
C++ logo
C programming language logo
Ruby logo
Objective-C logo

Why so – you may ask?

It is necessary to understand what stands behind trends and popularity in order to make assumptions for 2018. Those two key factors are complexity and area of application.

The complexity of a programming language determines its adoption speed among programming community. This trait stands for love and fun. Here is why those super easy to learn languages, Rust, Swift and Go take the top of love charts for the second year in a row.

Despite the fact that many programming languages are designed to be multifunctional, their field of application greatly determines the popularity. This is where corporations join the game and put their money on the table. This factor affects the demand for certain specialists and their salaries. After all, demand creates its own supply whether for skills or goods. That is how Swift made its way to the top.

And again sometimes it’s easier to create a new programming language (e.g. Go and Rust) than to adapt the existing one.

However, the industry is experiencing a strong proliferation of young but still popular programming languages. There are about 300 different languages out there right now.

top trending programming languages in 2018

Which gets us to the list of trending programming languages of 2019:

  • Go aka Golang – Created by Google in 2009 Go is being continuously discussed in the community since 2016. It is simple, easy to study and focused on concise and standardized notation. Go is expected to become a new trend in the upcoming year. After all everything made by Google is trendy.
  • Rust – is the second highly beloved language among programmers. Rust was launched by Mozilla Firefox in 2014 and by now it’s still on top of the most adored languages for software development.
  • Swift – A basic programming language used for development of iOS apps. It almost completely replaced previously used Objective-C language. Swift will stay of the most demanding programming language as long as Apple is trendy. Moreover, it’s an open source project, so the huge community of programmers is working on enhancements each and every day. It’s now among the top functional programming languages.
  • Scala – is an object-oriented language with a great number of features from functional programming languages. That allowed Scala to become the most popular JVM scripting language.
  • Clojure – Despite the fact that it is a dialect of general-purpose Lisp language Clojure boasts the incline to functional programming. It integrates with Java and is interoperable with the .NET ecosystem.
  • Hack – It is another child of a big IT-company. 90% of Facebook’ code is on Hack. While it is a dialect of PHP, Hack may become a second wind for a PHP development.
  • Perl – While Perl is relatively old language, previously known as “the duct tape of the web”. Nevertheless, Perl’s versatility makes it a “dark horse” of programming. Some even predict it to become a new trend in scripting for CGI, graphic programming or administration.

UPD: Technologies do not stand still and there is a need for an update. As 2017 has passed away, there are new web programming trends looking out over the horizon. Specifically, two JS frameworks becoming stronger day after day: Reacy and AngularJS. Both pose many cool features which we briefly described in this blog post.

Java 9 arrives, though it’s not so big as previous Java 8 upgrade. The other big thing in Java space in 2019 may be Kotlin. It steadily conquers Android development space and may become that much-anticipated improvement for Android ecosystem.

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May 03, 2017 at 12:21 PM

Java is one of the most popular, most adopted and general purpose programming language used by millions of developers and billions of devices around the world. It is a class-based, object-oriented language and designed to be portable, which means that you can find it on all platforms, operating systems, and devices.

davis melvin
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