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Top Apps and Companies Facebook Owns

How many companies does Facebook own?You’ve probably heard a lot about Facebook this year. And it’s not only because it’s the most popular social network in the world so there are good chances you use it as well. Facebook data privacy scandal shook the world in spring 2018 and the attention to this application literally…

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a frog with a green money bag


How Much Money Can You Earn With an App?

The market of mobile applications grows by leaps and bounds. This huge industry is expanding every day and does not seem to stop. The army of developers is constantly increasing, and so is the number of apps. Without doubt, the income generated by the industry of mobile applications beats all records. This tendency makes many...

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conferences for entrepreneurs


Largest Tech Conferences for Startups and Entrepreneurs

If you’re a young entrepreneur who seeks funding for your Startup you probably should attend conferences, event, and shows where you can make connections and, maybe, find an investor. But, to be honest, events and conferences offer Startups and Entrepreneurs an amazing platform to turbocharge their businesses not only by getting money. At the beginning...

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startup does not need cto

Marketing Tips

Reasons why Startup does Not Need CTO or Technical Partner

It’s not a secret that early-stage tech startups always meet plenty of difficulties and challenges before moving to the development process. It’s the period when the misallocation of resources often takes place, especially when founders are non-technical persons. Being non-technical founder you are more likely to distribute resources in the wrong way. But is it...

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5 Questions Startups Need to Answer Before Building an App

While addressing each of two viewpoints are important for the success of your future app, there is a universal question that you need to answer to evaluate your app idea. Is it personally interesting? Is it big? Is it disruptive? Is it timely? Bottom Line Is it personally interesting? By answering this question you are...

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How We Work With Startups: Outsourcing Development Checklist

Few outsourcing development companies acknowledge that working with startups may be harder and much less profitable than making a product for the established enterprise. Which is why we’ve made our own five-step code, that ensures great results and drives the motivation across our team members when we’re working with startup owners.

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Top 10 Mistakes Startups Should Avoid

Right from the start. To all our future clients. We’d like to write down top 10 startup mistakes we see entrepreneurs make again and again. This article is an addition to our article on biggest failures our client have made.

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business growth


The Main Stages of Business Life Cycle

Unfortunately, companies don’t grow in a straight line from new venture to the big company. As companies grow and get bigger the challenges they face change too. As a result, the way the company operates and is managed has to fundamentally change during the lifespan of the business. In other words, as a company gets...

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Bootstrapped: How to Drive a Startup Without Investors

So, you want to make it on your own. No venture capital. No investors. No cold-hearted corporate CEO. Just you, your idea, personal savings and, maybe, an intimate little team of people you can trust. Well, then you should definitely get to know a bootstrap theory. The one that may suit your intentions. Because if...

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how to raise money for mobile app startup

Company News

Guide to Raising Money for Mobile App Startup

Being a startuper is so attractive today. But unfortunately, not all the startupers can watch their projects flourish. Some have problems with getting investments and some with their wise usage.

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