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Who regulates social media?

Social media has occasionally been the focus of regulatory and government attention in the United States. Investigations and attempts to tame social networks are continually emerging, since initially, no one imagined what kind of power they would have and how to use it. Unlike many healthcare industries, social media does not have a government or...

  • 9-10 min read
  • October 26, 2020
  • by Ksenija

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Social Media App?

Most people in the modern world cannot imagine life without social networks. After spending time on social media platforms, people satisfy their needs for communication and entertainment. Social networks also help keep in touch with their general circle and stay updated on the latest events. The world’s current situation can be called suitable for creating...

  • 10-11 min read
  • October 01, 2020
  • by Ksenija

How to Build a Social Network Website from Scratch

Social media platforms became an inseparable part of our lives. Let’s just be honest and admit that some of us cannot begin a new day without visiting at least three social network websites and scrolling through a newsfeed. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more entered our lives long ago and gave birth to such phenomena...

  • 22-23 min read
  • September 25, 2020
  • by Anna

Pinterest Download For New iOS 14 Design Breaks All Records

It’s all because of the ability to customize the iPhone home screen. If you have already updated the operating system on your phone to iOS 14, you probably know that the picture on the screen can be customized and consist of several slides. It is also essential that the wallpaper matches their new widgets. All...

  • 2-3 min read
  • September 23, 2020
  • by Ksenija

Facebook decided to return to its origins with Campus

Remember how Facebook began its development? Precisely as a community for students. As a result, the company decided to return to its origins and announced yesterday on the launch of a new social media platform, Facebook Campus offers college students a unique place to interact with classmates, post upcoming campus events, receive news from school administrators,...

  • 3-4 min read
  • September 11, 2020
  • by Ksenija

Customize Your Facebook Watch video feed with #Topics

Facebook presented a new feature of the video center “Your Topics,” which allows you to customize your feed content to suit your interests. Today, Facebook uses algorithms to understand the interests of users. However, with the new function, users will be able to explain their claims to Facebook more accurately through subscriptions to various categories...

  • 2-3 min read
  • September 03, 2020
  • by Ksenija

How to Start a Business Around Social Network?

Nowadays everyone uses such popular social networks as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube. We spend numerous hours watching videos, looking at someone’s pictures, writing comments and reading news. But is it possible to turn your leisure hours into a business that will bring you pleasure alongside with a great deal of money? Yes, you can do this! ...

  • 1-2 min read
  • January 07, 2020
  • by Anna

Auxyn Case Study Arrives!

One more project in our portfolio is waiting for your attention! Meet Auxyn – a social network for musicians. Auxyn is a social network connecting listeners, musicians and producers. Here you can listen to music, manage a band or find a new audience to get known.

  • less one min read
  • January 07, 2018
  • by Elena

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