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Integration of Instagram API


How to Integrate Instagram API and Feed on PHP Website

Few can argue that Instagram is one of the most powerful and engaging social media platforms across the internet right now. It has more than 700 million monthly active users and about 400 million active users per day. No surprise that many merchants and companies are already using Instagram as their primary sale or promotion…

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Location-based Social Mobile App Sparkle

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Sparkle Case Study Arrives!

New mobile project joins our portfolio! Check out Sparkle, location-based social instant chat. Sparkle is an app where users can find public chats nearby or at their exact location and join them. Killing time on the internet turned into the possibility to meet new people and turn neighbors into friends.

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Anonymous Social Network


How to Develop an Anonymous Social Networking App

First time I opened Facebook it was like a fresh summer breeze in the medieval city, full of dull, leprosarium masks called avatars. It may seem strange now, but deanonymization is one of those key features that made Facebook so popular.

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social media app development

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Social Media App Development Guide

Building social media app is the most seductive business idea. But how to ensure that your project will be successful?

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building hype around apps


How to Create Hype Around the Mobile App?

Have you ever heard about the Pokémon GO? Or about a new iPhone X? We bet you’ve heard. And millions of people all around the world have heard. But why are they so famous while others apps or smartphones are less recognizable? The reason is hype built around these products. But what is Hype?

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