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TikTok Adds ‘Year in Review’ Feature

Most social networks already have features that help users to sum up the year. For example, Instagram offers its users Top 9, while Spotify users have Wrapped. TikTok decided to please its users in the same way and launch the review function in a year. This personalized feature will be presented as a video where...

  • 3-4 min read
  • August 22, 2021
  • by Ksenija

Snapchat Now Lets You Add Songs to Posts

Today Snapchat has put its plan in action to add all users’ ability to add music to their photos. The feature was launched under the name “Snapchat Sounds” and all users with the iOS operating system. Music that you can add to your photo is available in the catalog, where there are carefully selected compositions...

  • 2-3 min read
  • August 16, 2021
  • by Ksenija

Netflix Unveils Fast Laughs, a TikTok-like Feed

Today, we see leading applications borrowing functions from each other to keep the user’s attention for even a few minutes. For example, Netflix previously introduced the Stories feature, which previously appeared on the social apps Snapchat and Instagram. The main difference is that Netflix uses this feature to preview videos posted on the resource. The...

  • 3-4 min read
  • November 13, 2020
  • by Ksenija

What is Parler? Why it tops app store rankings?

The past presidential elections in the United States influenced many areas of activity, in particular, social networks. As we discussed earlier, companies like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and others have been actively fighting disinformation by introducing AI fact-checking into their work. As a result, dissatisfied with the past elections and the platforms’ limitations, Trump’s supporters began...

  • 4-5 min read
  • November 10, 2020
  • by Ksenija

Social Media Against Election Misinformation

Election day in the United States has become an election week. Disinformation has been besieging us from all sides for several months already. That forced many sites and platforms to engage in an active fight against false information. This year, as never before, many ways have been developed to deal with posts that contain false...

  • 2-3 min read
  • November 06, 2020
  • by Ksenija

What is Likee: New App Brings a User Experience Like No Other

A person who lives without social media. Who is he/she? Today in the world, there are many applications, and social media are no exception. Today, the average person spends 50 to 90 minutes on social media apps. Scrolling the news feed has become so common for many that many do it unconsciously. In turn, social...

  • 13-14 min read
  • November 02, 2020
  • by Ksenija

Who regulates social media?

Social media has occasionally been the focus of regulatory and government attention in the United States. Investigations and attempts to tame social networks are continually emerging, since initially, no one imagined what kind of power they would have and how to use it. Unlike many healthcare industries, social media does not have a government or...

  • 9-10 min read
  • October 26, 2020
  • by Ksenija

Pinterest Download For New iOS 14 Design Breaks All Records

It’s all because of the ability to customize the iPhone home screen. If you have already updated the operating system on your phone to iOS 14, you probably know that the picture on the screen can be customized and consist of several slides. It is also essential that the wallpaper matches their new widgets. All...

  • 2-3 min read
  • September 23, 2020
  • by Ksenija

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