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Examples of Successful Digital Transformation Stories

Technologies are used in many areas to make the workflow more productive and successful. Some businesses are in urgent need of digitization of work processes; human resources are exhaustible and people cannot handle the huge amount of manual workload. That’s when digital transformation (DT) comes to the rescue. It gives a fresh breath to a…

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How Much Does It Cost To Make a Starbucks-like App?

Just imagine your restaurant is full of guests. Everyone enjoys the atmosphere and restaurant service, the staff running like clockwork. Sounds like a dream? Maybe, but to make it true the delicious food is not enough, you should involve your customers and improve your service in many different ways. More and more often people prefer...

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Why Restaurants and Cafes Need Mobile Apps

Let’s imagine the situation: there are two Italian restaurants in your district – Pizza A and Pizza B. Both of them make delicious pizza, yummy pasta, and adorable Tiramisu. Each place has cozy interior and good service. And then, one day, Pizza A offers you a 50% discount on the next meal if you download...

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Point of Sale System for Cafes and Restaurants

Restaurant business is the most profitable and yet challenging one. Restaurant and cafe owners have to manage numerous processes and sometimes they do not have either time or resources to do this properly. That is why software optimization is a must for this business.  Investing in technology such as mobile-based POS system for restaurants can...

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The Crisis Poses Challenges and Provides New Business Opportunities

The coronavirus pandemic is a serious global issue. A worldwide containment effort to halt the spread of COVID-19 has affected far-reaching impacts on both the world economy and local communities. Many businesses naturally have questions and urgent issues, but many are already starting to look for the latent opportunities within this crisis. The restaurants faced with...

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Keep Your Restaurant Working in Quarantine

People have always enjoyed delicious meals and small talks in restaurants and cafes. No wonder, because nothing can be better than spending your evening or lunch with friends in a place with a warm atmosphere and tasty food. If we ask anyone to name their favourite restaurant they will definitely start talking about more than...

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StartUp App Ideas

Uber for Food: The Best Food Delivery App

Online food delivery market stands at $95 billion, a 1% of the total food market. Morgan Stanley Research sites $210 billion market opportunity for online food delivery. If you’re a business person from restaurant or food industry, those figures can’t be ignored. We don’t ignore these opportunities either.

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