How to Hire Developers if You Aren’t a Tech Person

It is hard to imagine a modern company that has no custom software. Each year more and more businesses snub ready-made solutions and try their luck instead at  developing their own software in-house for internal or external usage.  Instead of detailing the various  advantages of custom business management tools, this article will instead discuss how…

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Why is choosing a remote team a Good Idea?

This year many companies organized remote work for their employees because of the pandemic. And as the practice demonstrated, this approach worked perfectly. The companies remained functioning and the clients still had a chance to effectively cooperate with them. Even now when in many countries the offices began opening, the remote work stays actual than...

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How to Organize Communication With Your Remote Team

Video conferencing gains popularity because it eliminates employee travel between sites for meetings. Also, it’s an income-generating tool for holding webinars and other online events. We saw tremendous growth in the telecommuting sector at the beginning of 2020 because working from home (WFH) as the best way to stay healthy and as one of the...

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How to Manage a Remote Team

Changes are a part of the way of our life. For the fundamental changes, there has to pass a long period of time, but this year showed us the opposite. In the past couple of months, we’ve seen remote work ramp up because of the virus outbreak. Most companies are adapted to the new trend...

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