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What is embedded software development?

Every day we use modern devices like coffee machines, headphones, security systems that optimize our time and help with simple daily processes. But do we think of how they are working, what helps them to perform those functions that we expect from these devices?  We can not see visually how it works, and in this…

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Our Awards

GBKSOFT is at Top Software Testing Companies 2020

With expanding the list of modern technologies, software testing techniques continue to develop and improve. QA specialists help to reduce the number the errors and bugs, speed up the process of launching a new project checking every detail step by step. GBKSOFT is proud to be named Top Software Testing Companies 2020 by IT Firms version....

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What are the stages of software testing in GBKSOFT


The Guide to Software Testing Process

Some people thought that avoiding testing stage of the software development was a good idea. They thought it would save thier budget. How wrong they were…

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The Timeline of Developing a Website or Mobile App


Perfect Development Timeline for Website or Mobile App

Each day we receive emails containing questions like “How much does an app cost?” or “How long does it take to develop an app?”. Unfortunately, the precise answer to any of these questions does not exist. It’s like you’ll try to say at once how much a car costs. Because it depends on the number...

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