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PHP is great! PHP is: Fast, Reliable, Scalable, Easy to learn, Complete (full-featured), Easy to work with a team. Plus, PHP is offering: A huge eco-system (one should only rely on Composer), Complete documentation with examples, An enormous community, Plenty of jobs.

Integration of Instagram API


How to Integrate Instagram API and Feed on PHP Website

Few can argue that Instagram is one of the most powerful and engaging social media platforms across the internet right now. It has more than 700 million monthly active users and about 400 million active users per day. No surprise that many merchants and companies are already using Instagram as their primary sale or promotion…

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PHP 7 vs PHP 5


PHP 5.6 vs PHP 7 Performance Comparison

It has been awhile over a year since PHP 7 was released. The advanced version that is meant to replace PHP 5 and PHP 6 (failed one) version. And, well… if you’re going into development and making final research before signing a contract, this question might bother you. So, if you just wondering around and...

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