FerryView interview


Interview with Client: Behind the Scenes of FerryView App

We enjoy working with clients who come to us to develop applications that make users’ lives easier and better. What we also love is when newly developed applications are also eye-pleasing, fun, and interactive.  Recently, GBKSOFT team worked on one really great project, and now when it finished we are so glad to talk about…

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How to Develop an Audio Social Media App Like Clubhouse?

If I say that 2020 has turned everything upside down, you are unlikely to argue. The pandemic transformed much of the daily routine. People worldwide spent most of the year locked up and forced to run their businesses from home. Video conferences became the only way to conduct business meetings, and people had to change...

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parenting app

StartUp App Ideas

Is it a Good Idea to Build an App for Parents to Raise Their Kids?

Digitalization entered every sphere of our life. Due to quarantine that happened last year not only huge corporations transferred to remote work, but also schools and universities offered new ways of studying. And the popularity of digitalization is expected to grow and influence us even more in the upcoming years.  Gadgets and applications can be...

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recording audio


How to Develop Audio Recorder Application

Times, when people used additional devices to record voices, are way past. Now all you need to do is to download any app you want to your smartphone and record the necessary information. You may think that the audio recorder applications are useful for people who work in journalistic areas but it is a wrong...

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Tech News Review

Apple Unveils iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max

Finally, we got it! Apple today announced this year’s most anticipated new additions, the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. These new items got 5G connectivity, OLED display, and new camera capabilities. The iPhone 12 Pro lineup will be available with the same Super Retina XDR display: the iPhone 12 Pro with a...

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App Store and Google Play


How to Submit an App on the App Store and Google Play?

After finishing the development of your application, it is time to present it to the audience. The most popular marketplaces are the App Store and Google Play store. As these platforms have a high level of trusted reputation among app users, they provide a wide range of rules and standards for those who want to...

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The Pandemic Changes the Rules for Online Dating

Global restrictions on movement and collaboration aimed at preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus have worked in Asia and may work elsewhere. But will they slow the rate at which new relationships are formed, particularly in countries where online dating has become such a common way for people to meet? Stay-at-home recommendations because of...

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UI and Design

What Dimensions & Resolution Should Use For iOS And Android App Design?

Does your application display accurately on any user’s device? Have you worked with optimized experience? When it comes to graphics, developers usually follow the rule of ‘one size fits most,’ which is not a correct solution. Undoubtedly, this is the simplest way, but it can crush the application visual appeal. To look perfect, your app...

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Our Awards

GBKSOFT is at Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Ukraine

Thanks to our high priority about our customers` requirements, GBKSOFT is named to be Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Ukraine 2020. We know what a high level of professionalism is and how to build a project that will be successful in the modern mobile app market. We provide sustained communication between the customer and...

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What is Hybrid App Development?

Why do hybrid mobile applications become so popular nowadays? There are two main reasons. Primarily the development is faster and cheaper in contrast to the native approach. Second — technologies (hardware, software frameworks, etc.) are ready for this. The hybrid application goes to several markets at once because it developed for several platforms simultaneously. As...

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