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How Much Does It Cost To Make a Starbucks-like App?

Just imagine your restaurant is full of guests. Everyone enjoys the atmosphere and restaurant service, the staff running like clockwork. Sounds like a dream? Maybe, but to make it true the delicious food is not enough, you should involve your customers and improve your service in many different ways. More and more often people prefer…

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Mobile App as an Extra Service for Your Business

Statista predicts phone sales to reach 1 560,85 million units by the end of 2020. Which makes us to conclude that the demand for mobile applications will be 35% more than it is now. This will provoke the bigger demand for enterprise applications and higher expectations put on them in terms of usability and performance. 

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Hidden Benefits of Custom Application Development

A recent Statista acknowledges the increasing role of smartphones too. According to the company’s data, more than half (58%) of smartphone users utilize their mobile devices to check prices and familiarize with existing offers. 66% of those users make a purchase via mobile phone at least once a week! In such conditions, few will argue...

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How to Make a Peer-to-Peer Mobile Shopping App

Ever wanted to build an app that allows users to shop smart by connecting directly to merchants? This is what peer-to-peer marketplaces do. Just look at Amazon and Alibaba and see how they leveraged from marketplace business model. Fortunately, you don’t need to build another Amazon to succeed. You can start from the development of...

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