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How to Improve Customer Service with Web Communication

A recent Deloitte research sites that 62% of companies perceive contact centers as a “competitive advantage” that drives additional customers. Definitely, in the age when services dominate over the products, few will argue with the importance of contact centers. It must be acknowledged that additional services (contact centers are among them) are the new drivers…

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Tech News Review

Facebook Is Merging All Of Its Messaging Platforms Into One

In January 2019, there was a statement from Facebook that an idea combined all of the company’s messaging platforms (Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram) into one. Well, such a desire was realized yesterday, and the deployment of the ability to connect Instagram’s direct messages to Messenger began. What does this mean? Users will be able to...

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Tech News Review

WhatsApp Has Fixed Previously Discovered Vulnerabilities in Its System

WhatsApp released six previously undisclosed vulnerabilities that were quickly fixed. The vulnerabilities have been reported on a dedicated security advisory website that will be used to post news about WhatsApp updates and emerging vulnerabilities in the future. According to company representatives, five of the six vulnerabilities were fixed on the same day, and the last...

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Chatbots for Your Business


How to Properly Use Chatbots In Your Business?

Chatbot trend has appeared two years ago and still on the table along with Big Data, IoT, VR, and Live Streaming. It’s even expected that 80 percent of companies will be using chatbots for interaction with customers by 2020. But! Unlike its competitors, chatbots are much cheaper in development and thus stand near to the...

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