How Business Management Tools Help to Optimize Routine Processes

If you are a business owner, then sooner or later you will definitely face one major challenge. One day you may simply realize that you don’t know how to handle all processes and pay enough attention to each of them, how to optimize routine tasks of your employees and at the same time keep the…

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Apps for Employee Experience Managers

Employee satisfaction is one of the key factors of any business success. There is no doubt that engaged employees work more productively and tend to stay with the company for longer. According to Gallup research, an alarming 70% of workers are not engaged at work, that leads to low productivity and therefore to financial losses....

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How Employee Apps Like Shyft can Benefit Your Business

Employee app is a relatively new solution that makes communication inside the company more effective. According to Gallup, 87% of employees worldwide are not engaged at work, but this doesn’t have to be this way. By showing the team members that their opinion is valued and their work is appreciated you keep them engaged in their...

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