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Industrial IoT: How Connected Things Are Changing Manufacturing

How should modern manufacturing look like? We all have seen movies or read books about the future where robots and machines run everything, including factories and plants. So, the question is: how soon will this fiction become reality, and will it ever fully?  It might be a little presumptuous to assume that we are already…

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Power Up your Business with IoT applications

Every business nowadays fights for better performance to get ahead of other companies. So, companies are constantly searching for ways to overreach their business goals and get better results.  The tech field offers a lot of innovative solutions that enhance business performance. Implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT), is an example of technology that...

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top trends in android development in 2017

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Top Trends in Android Development in 2021

Every year the new trends in technologies appear, replacing each other, and this process seems to be unstoppable. Since Android has been introduced several years ago, it made a revolution in mobile operating systems. Many things have changed since that time, but one remains the same – Google does its best to blow users’ minds....

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How Beneficial is IoT in Monitoring for Your Business Performance?

Any events occurring in the world impact business: elections, wars, crises, and bankruptcy. Only companies that invest in their development and modernization have a chance to survive. Today it is crucial not only to reduce your costs but also to increase your income. The introduction of the latest technologies can help a lot. This article...

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Why is Distributed Cloud the Priority Tech Trend?

Modern business companies process and manage huge amounts of data every day. They require cloud-based storage to keep vital data safe and sound. Cloud storages provide enterprise scalability and agility to record important business information. Cloud services fasten the entire company workflow by building more efficient strategies, creating new modern ways of interacting with customers, monetization,...

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Why Should You Embrace Hyperautomation Trend?

This year the analytics specialists from Gartner named 10 main technology trends that businesses should seriously consider in the upcoming year. These trends were mainly influenced by the pandemic and new reality the businesses and people faced in 2020 and they will keep being actual up to 2025.  The quarantine and transfer to remote work...

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What is the Internet of Behavior And Why is it Important for Business?

Did you know that the number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices has doubled over the past five years? These things are everywhere with us today, from wearable technologies that track your fitness 24/7 to remote access to electrical devices in your home. The shift to mobile devices has changed the way we interact with...

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How to Make your Office Smart Using IoT

Smart technologies are present in every sphere of our life, and business one is not an exception. And while more and more technologies and devices appear each year, the vast majority of offices are still not smart enough. Unfortunately a conservative organization of the working space influences the productivity of the company, and steals precious...

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Recycling Robot Manufacturer AMP Robotics Fights Garbage Around the World

Do you know how much waste you generate per year? This figure ranges from 770 to 1100 pounds. If these numbers are multiplied by the number of people living on the planet, it becomes scary. Most of the world’s garbage is still stored in landfills, and only a small part (about 20-30%) in developed countries...

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Tech News Review

Delivery from Amazon in 30 minutes. Fantasy or reality?

We recently wrote about how drones and non-powered vehicles are helping to contain the spread of the pandemic. And that the introduction of drones will help reduce traffic congestion and, accordingly, the emission of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere. We can’t help but share with you the news that Amazon has received the Federal Aviation...

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